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5 Notable Amenities that You Can Only Get on a Private Jet

5 Notable Amenities that You Can Only Get on a Private Jet

Flying commercial arguably has its fair share of not-so-good experiences, sometimes even painful. Whether it's standing in long queues in front of the board pass counters or having to spend time in the lounge area in case the flight gets delayed, commercial flights often leave you stranded, without any options. Thankfully, there’s an option to charter private jets, especially if you are going off for an important business meet or an exotic, top-notch travel destination. Although, the rental cost for a private jet is higher than that of commercial flight tickets; the comfort, luxury, and convenience, of flying private makes the added cost worth each cent. If you too have plans to wander off to some of the most popular tourist destinations in the world and don’t want to mar your flight experience by flying commercial, we have got you covered. To give you an idea of what’s in store, should you choose to hire a private jet, here are five notable amenities that only private jet charters offer.

1. Luxury Lounges

Without a doubt, private jets are generously spaced out to provide optimal, yet luxurious flight experience and personal space to every traveler. That said, luxury lounges are one of the most opulent amenities offered in a private aircraft. Not only are these lounges equipped with top-of-the-line overstuffed sofas, recliner-style seats, and entertainment consoles, some models even feature spacious, functional spaces that are adorned with affluent furniture and decor elements.

2. Conference or Meeting Facilities

Usually, businessmen rent out private flights to cut down on the flight time and reach far-off destinations. Therefore, it’s no wonder that most prominent private charter service providers offer fully equipped conference or meeting facilities on board. Having an onboard meeting functionality allows you to fully utilize your time in flight, close important financial deals or go over presentations. To help you do that, private charters come equipped with top of the line conference facilities such as Wi-Fi access, smartphone and computer connectivity, built-in video systems, and projectors.

3. Team of Dedicated Flight Attendants

Private charter jet services employ a team of dedicated flight attendants, who make sure to make your flight experience lux and affluent. Whether you require an extra blanket or another round of drink, all you have to do is call the attendant. Regardless of the length of your journey, the team is there to serve you and cater to your requirements throughout the flight.

4. Full-size Bedroom

Depending upon the aircraft model, many charter service provider offers a full-sized master bedroom on-board. Therefore, you don’t have to make do with not-so-comfortable recliners featured in commercial flights. Instead, you can relax in a full-size bed just like your home. Having a dedicated bedroom also implies that your space and privacy requirements are taken care of, without any compromise, and you can have a refreshing, quality sleep before deboarding at your destination.

5.  Fully Equipped Galley

An excellent flight experience is all about comfort and quality. All it takes is some good food and beverages, for your flying experience from “just ok” to “awesome“. Private jets do not falter on this front, just like some commercial flights. Many air charter service providers have a fully-functional galley onboard, with all the essential beverages and food items, stocked in-flight as per your preferences. Therefore, you can be sure that you won’t have to compromise with pre-heated commercial airline refreshments. Instead, you can order freshly-prepared, scrumptious dishes and refreshing beverages throughout the journey.


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