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A Comprehensive Guide to Pack Smartly for a Cruise | Leisure

A Comprehensive Guide to Pack Smartly for a Cruise | Leisure

Often, people feel that it is efficient to carry multiple steamer trunks crammed with umpteen outfits on every travel. However, this might not be a great idea when going on a cruise trip. Reason? Well firstly, managing all the extra luggage at airport terminals and on a cruise ship is not easy. Secondly, the storage on the cruise comprises small closets and bureaus, which are in no way designed to contain all the extra clothing items that you’re carrying. And, finally, you will always be possessed by concerns for your belongings, and eventually, you won’t be able to cherish your trip. Nowadays, for the most part, cruise trips have become much more casual and given the excessive airlines charges to check bags (with an additional fee for overweight luggage), it is not viable to pack heavy. To help you figure out what to pack for cruising, here are our guidelines. Take a look.

The Male Wardrobe

First up: Consider packing khakis and a navy sports coat as this is a no-brainer as they go very well with a polo shirt, T-shirt or an Oxford. Apart from dinner on a formal night, you can wear this type of outfit anytime.

During Daytime: Shorts are quite versatile (you can carry both athletic shorts on the pool deck and gym). Here, jeans and casual khakis work too while sports shirts and T-shirts work superbly anywhere.

On Shore: you might want to avoid going too casual ( many ports of call consider scruffy jeans, tank tops, or any kind of athletic garb disrespectful). Therefore, try donning ultra-casual clothing during active shore excursions or on beach days.

During Evenings: Tuxedo. No matter what the setting is, tuxedos and business suits are a perfect choice. You can even rent tuxedos on some ships; however, it’s always beneficial to pack at least one suit and tie because you don’t want to feel out of place in a rented tux, at an elegant restaurant. In addition, don't forget to carry shoes to match. In case the night is non-formal, you can stick to the khaki uniform.

The Female Wardrobe

First up: Short shorts are suitable for the pool deck or at the fitness center only. Though not preferred, you can try wearing them to lunch in the Lido buffet. Similar etiquette is for bathing suits - they should be worn only at the poolside, though you can carry them to lido lunches, albeit with appropriate cover-ups.

During Daytime: You can pack walking shorts, jeans, slacks, sundresses and casual skirts for indoor activities. For the outdoors though, swimsuits teamed with casual shorts or jeans with T-shirt are just fine.

On Shore: The rules vary slightly here; you would want to wear casual clothing if heading off to activities such as a snorkeling or kayaking expedition. In case, you’re off to explore the town, opt for the clothing options specified in the trip guide.

During Evenings: Usually, cruise ships have daily dress code assignations - casual, resort casual, informal, and formal. Therefore, opt for resort casual for all but the most formal of the evenings; an elegant attire (though not the silk gown milieu) works here. You can also consider silky mix-and-match pants outfits or flowing cotton dresses while visiting an upscale restaurant or a symphony concert on shore.

For Everyone

Sweaters and Jackets: Consider embracing the layered look. For this, you will require a sweatshirt and a rain jacket on a cruise to Caribbean or Hawaii. Otherwise, for cruises to destinations such as Alaska, you can pack bathing suits, short-sleeve tops, hats, warm fleece jackets, and gloves. As a rule of thumb, remember to carry cardigans or jackets rather than packing clothes for multiple temperatures.

Hats: Hats are an excellent accessory to protect oneself against the sun or keeping the ears warm while on a scenic glacier cruising. Sunglasses, too are necessary here. Headbands, bandanas, scarves; you can pack them all!

Footwear: first up, ladies don’t try carrying an entire suitcase full of shoes to the cruise. Instead, pack footwear of different styles that can serve multiple purposes. For example, opting for sneakers will help you cover your gym sessions and sightseeing tours, or a pair of comfy sandals would be perfect for poolside as well as a casual dinner. Another useful tip here is to color coordinate your formals so that you can work with only a pair of dress shoes.

Wrapping Up

Cruise trips are meant to be fun; however, what fun will there be, if you are only concerned about your belongings and clothing? To avoid any hassles either at airport terminals or cruise cabins, it is better to pack smartly and not try to cram everything inside the suitcase. Travel light, and maximize experience, not luggage!

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