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5 Tips for Sharing a Cruise Cabin with a Stranger | Leisure

5 Tips for Sharing a Cruise Cabin with a Stranger | Leisure

Going on a cruise trip is an exciting way to enjoy your Christmas or New years; however, not everyone goes on a cruise with a family member or close friend. Therefore, it is implied that you might have to share your cabin with a complete stranger, whose habits and eccentricities are not familiar to you. To avoid any altercations because of varied bathroom schedules or waking habits, it is imperative that you develop a sense of etiquette to deal with the situation. In case you are unable to think something up, here are a few basic cruise ship etiquette tips to keep in mind that will help ease the air when you're sharing a cruise cabin with someone for the very first time.

1. Avoid Keeping the Cabin Untidy

Cruise cabins are usually have limited space; therefore, you will have to divvy up the storage space with your cabin mate. In addition, you will have to take care that your clothes or belongings don’t lie haphazardly throughout the room. You can ask your room steward to provide more hangers, should you go all out on hangers but keep most stuff inside the drawers. While deciding on which shelves or drawers you need, discuss with your cruise companion and mutually agree which ones’ to use. The same goes for footwear; make it a point to put them away neatly.

2. Remember to Flush

While unpacking your toiletries in the bathroom, try to make sure that you don’t take up all the available shelf-space. To avoid any space crunch, you can carry an over-the-door shoe bag to keep small items. In case, you wash your essentials and hang them up to dry in the shower itself, first check with your cruise mate because not everyone is open to the thought of seeing dripping underwear or boxers in the bathroom. You might also want to discuss the bathroom schedule and shower time preferences to avoid any last-minute haggling over the bathroom, just before your shore tour leaves.

3. Keep the Bathroom Fresh

On the topic of bathroom etiquette, you can agree that the various smells generated in that small space are not always pleasant. Therefore, you might want to carry a mini air-freshener can or agree to use a public bathroom to avoid creating noxious fumes in the bunk area. Just remember though, some canned smells can be just as unbearable as more natural bathroom smells; therefore, check with your cruise companion if they are okay with your perfume, deodorant, or aftershave before you spray yourself liberally.

4. Take Turns Charging Your Devices

In today’s digital age, it is considered normal for each person to carry multiple electronic devices all the time. That said, there never seem to be enough electric charging sockets to charge your camera equipment, tablets, smartphones, and laptops, while on the move, especially on a cruise. So, how to deal with this? The easiest workaround here is to take turns while charging the devices and stashing the equipment away when it's not in use, in the bedside cupboards. You can also consider carrying your own power strip onboard to charge multiple devices.

5. Put the Lights Off

Some people have a habit of falling asleep while reading, forgetting to put the light off. This habit can be extremely annoying for their cabinmates. Remember, your life partner is not there to lean over and turn the light off. Therefore, try putting the light off when you’re about to doze off or use the smaller individual bedside reading lights while reading. On the other side, if your cruise mate is the one keeping the lights on, you can carry a sleeping mask for the duration of the cruise. Try being courteous, and willing to turn off the lights if you are the last one to bed.

Wrapping Up

If you cruise regularly with your loved ones, you tend to take their idiosyncrasies for granted. However, at times when you have to share a cruise cabin with a complete stranger, you need to put on your best behavior. Who knows, maybe discussing what annoys you, or make you laugh with your cruise mate ends up turning your trip into a memorable friendship that lasts beyond the duration of your cruise!


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