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10 Tips to Make Sure You Don't Get Caught Out in Japan

Japan is an extremely beautiful, amazing and friendly country in the world. You may face problems during your trip to Japan including things to know before you are going to Japan. Your Japan holiday is going to be one of the best memorable trips you will have in your life if you know all these travel facts in advance. Though Japan is an expensive country to visit but it has mouth-watering food, lush green national parks, zen garden and a rich historic culture which make it a wonderful county and there are plenty of ways to make this county affordable. It is a traditional place with a strict etiquette and if you are travelling for the first time, follows the tips to make your trip memorable

1. Make Sure to Take Off or Change Your Shoes

Before entering into a temple or someone’s house, make sure to take off your “outdoor” shoes and change “indoor” shoes. While walking on tatami mats take off your shoes and if you go to toilet in restaurant, home or toilet make sure you switch into the toilet slippers.

2. Do not Give Tip

In restaurants or anywhere else waiter do not accept tips, in fact if you give tip or left some money on the table, you will be chased by a waiter, thinking that you have left there by mistake. Similarly if you have taken guided tour or some classes then take some small present with you from your country as a token of appreciation.

3. Be Polite

In public transport you should be polite while answer your phone. Keep the volume low if you are listening to music.

4. Ride the Shinkansen

Japan’s bullet trains glide smoothly throughout the country. They are incredibly fast and always on time and they are the best way to get around. Take a JR pass, which can be used on all Japan railways.

5. Buy a Suica or Pasmo Card

These cards are small prepaid, transportation charge card; there is an issue of a small fee, 1000 yen to be exact. Once you have this card, you can add value to it preventing you to go through the hassle of purchasing train tickets over and over again.  Using IC chip or microchip allows you to go through, simply touch your card to sensor panel on the ticket gate. These cards are similar to London’s Oyster card, and can be used on most metros and buses.

6. Use Face Masks

To keep yourself healthy, get used to wear paper face masks, this might look odd to you but it is perfectly logic as Japanese people often wear paper face mask during cherry blossom season they are worn to keep allergies away.

7. Check Your Drugs

To avoid getting caught without your medical prescription. Always keep your doctor prescription on your travel, if you need to take medicine.

8. Fly to Haneda airport, if You’re Visiting Tokyo

If you are planning to visit central Tokyo, It is easier and cheaper to reach from Haneda airport than Narita airport.

9. Bring Enough Cash

It is a good idea to take reasonably large amounts of money in cash since it is fairly difficult to find ATMs in Japan. Foreign bank cards do not work in most Japanese ATMs, however, if you run out of cash you can withdraw money from ATMs located at post offices and 7-11 stores

10. Konbinis are Everywhere, Make Use of Them

Konbinis or convenience stores such as Familymart, 7-Eleven and Lawson are the big names and everywhere in Japan. They tend to have many of the things that you will need like delicious steamed buns.

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