Savvy Yet Simple Packing Tips

Author: Will Phoenix


Being a clever packer is important. Today it’s expensive to check all your bags. The median charge is $25.00 for your first suitcase and $35.00 for the second one. This means that if you take a roundtrip flight for a family of four will run you an additional $200.00 in baggage fees.
Sure, you could avoid the fees by flying Southwest. Your first two suitcases are free. Nevertheless, it’s always a good idea to be a packing ninja. Here are a few great tips for taking your act on the road.

Add Extra Baggage
Pack a lightweight, foldable bag or two. If you do too much shopping you are set.

Consolidate Your Chargers
Try shopping for a multi-port USB charger prior to your next trip. You can use one to charge your digital camera, your iPad your phone and any other electronic device you simply cannot live without for a week or two. With one of these, there is no need for numerous bulky chargers and you will only need one outlet in your hotel or motel room.

Dry Cleaner Bags And Socks
Keep your sports jackets, dress shirts and pants and anything else you don’t want to get wrinkled in the plastic bags from dry cleaners before packing. You can keep ties wrinkle free by rolling them up and putting them in your socks.

Get A Zipper Bag/Purse
If you have to have multiple chargers then store them together in a zipper bag/purse. You can even label it (and other things) with freezer tape if you wish.

In Defense Of Folders
Buy packing cubes for your socks and underwear. Fold your other clothing. Folding your clothing will make it easier for you to move your clothing from your suitcase to your hotel room drawers should you be staying for a little while. You can even stack your folded shirts and pants.

Make The Most Of Your Shoes
Wear your bulkiest shoes on the plane. Pack your shoes in old plastic bags from the store and stuff your socks into your shoes.

Shower Cap Secrets
Always save hotel room shower caps. You can use them for shoe wraps. (If you’ve already packed your shoes in disposable plastic bags those can now be used for recycling bags.) Shower caps are reputed to be really good for running shoes that might be a bit muddy. Shower caps are also ubiquitous so you won’t ever run out of them.

The Mystery Of The Damp Bikini
What do you do with a damp bikini or bathing suit on checkout day? Use the hotel room laundry bag. Toss your swimsuit into one of those and close it tight. Your suitcase won’t smell musty when you open it at home. If there are no laundry bags where you’re staying then put it in a hotel room shower cap.

So there you have it, frequent flyers. Follow these packing tips on your next trip and save yourself time and even money. Hope you all enjoy and make good use of these simple tricks that you can use every time you travel.

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