How To Take Your Dream Vacation Using Airline Miles

Author: Will Phoenix


A lot of people who fly frequently save their airline miles for special vacations. Maybe you want to explore the Australian outback or climb the Great Wall of China. But you need to plan and work out how many miles it will require. What specific airline must you use in order to get those frequent flyer points in the first place? Here are a few of the most popular dream vacation destinations and a few thoughts on how to actually get there.

Australia and New Zealand
Here are two common bucket-list locations. All of the major American airlines fly to both countries. They can also assist you with connecting flights with partner airlines.
This way if you wish to travel to additional locations you can easily do so. In fact, if you are careful about using your stopover rules, you can even fly to multiple cities for the exact same number of miles. Just be prepared, as it can be difficult to find award seats in advance.

Monday through Wednesday travel dates generally has the most availability. American, Alaska and United Airlines all offer seats for 40,000 miles each direction. However, Delta charges 50,000 miles each way but they also frequently make more seats available on their partner airline Virgin Australia.

Alaska Airlines also partners up with Fiji Airways. This will get you to Australia and include a memorable stopover between your flights as well. If you wish to fly to destinations within Australia, you can purchase local flights--such as Sydney or Melbourne--from Qantas Airlines for as little as 4,500 Avios points.

If you are planning that once-in-a-lifetime vacation trip to China, remember you will want to see a few different cities. American Airlines will charge you 37,500 each direction. Delta and United will charge you 35,000 miles for one-way tickets.

Alaska Airlines beats them all. They will permit you to redeem your miles with their partner airlines Hainan or Cathay Pacific for as low as 30,000 miles. Delta is a lot more generous with redemptions when it comes to flying within China.  

You can get flights for as little as 6,000 miles each way depending on the route and destination. You can score lots of additional miles too if you use an airline’s specific shopping portal which can garner you up to 40 miles per each dollar you spend. You can get 35,000 miles from spending $875 at online retailers.

A Trip Around the World
The ultimate dream vacation for many people is a trip around the world. Unfortunately, American and Delta don’t permit you to redeem points for this type of trip. However, Air Canada and United, both Star Alliance members, still do.
They will charge you 200,000 miles. Both of those airlines will allow you to include up to five stops along the way which generally requires as many as 15 flights. Contact the special agents that work for these airline alliances to ensure that you make the most of your points and miles. They can assist you with creating an itinerary.


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