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Assorted Odd Travel Tips

If you’re going on vacation you have probably heard all the standard travel tips from friends and family.  That, of course, is common information.  We try not to focus too much on “common” here at We do the unusual. We do hip, trendy and interesting.  Keeping that in mind, here--compiled from various online sources including 52 Perfect Days and Anthony the Travel Tart--is a list of assorted, odd travel tips:

Tip 1

If you have kids who are still in high school, research the special educational trips often offered by various school districts.  Volunteer to be a chaperone and you will get to see places you never saw before for a discounted price.  You’ll also get to meet real people, stay in some unusual places like college dorms and you will be able to see if your kids are weirder than teens in other countries to boot.

Tip 2

If you go to New Zealand, people who have already been there insisted that you visit the Shoe Fence at Waihola.  It’s not something you would see anywhere else.  But, wait, there’s more.  

Tip 3

Anthony the Travel Tart suggests that you enjoy a meal at the Huntsman Steakhouse in Dunedin, New Zealand.  Tell them you heard about them on this website and that was good enough for you. Additionally, if you enjoy imbibing alcoholic beverages, New Zealand just might have one of the best duty-free limits in the world.  You can buy three bottles of hard liquor and half a dozen bottles of drink up!

Tip 4

Are you low on vacation funds?  No problem!  Take a vacation in a country that has just been through some kind of crisis.  Chances are things are not as bad as it looks on CNN but other more timid travelers will be scared off.  The currency exchange rate will change in your favor and you will get more for your money too.

Tip 5

If you vacation in Argentina and like free wine, then listen up, people.  All you need to do is get on the bus.  Many bus trips in Argentina include Bingo games.  The winners score a free bottle of wine.

Tip 6

Here is another general weird tip.  If you go to another country and buy any souvenir made of wood, stick it in the freezer for a few days as soon as you get home.  Experienced travelers report that insect larvae could actually be living and thriving in your treasured keepsake for months.  Putting the thing in your freezer will exterminate the bothering bugs.

Tip 7

If you travel down under to Australia here is another odd “freebie”.  When you fill out your entry card simply declare that you have “soiled shoes” or “soiled boots”.  The quarantine service will take your footwear and have them washed and cleaned for free.

Tip 8

According to numerous sources, the best mobile protein backup for traveling is salami and any processed cheese.

Tip 9

For those who vacation in Eastern Africa, take a bag full of your old clothing (especially blue jeans and t-shirts).  Trendy brand names and articles of clothing with logos are especially good to use in place of real money.

Last but certainly not least, purchase a book about travel disaster before you embark on your vacation and read it from cover to cover.

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