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A fascinating visit to legendary playwright Shakespeare's home

A fascinating visit to legendary playwright Shakespeare's home

Warwickshire is the sole UK destination to make it to Lonely Planet’s Best of Europe in 2016 and with good reason. There is a list of interesting and fascinating activities to be enjoyed in this quaint English country in summers. There’s never a better time to visit than to witness the spectacular festivities lined up for literary legend Shakespeare’s 400th anniversary.  

Shakespeare’s Classroom

Currently, in the throes of plans to showcase the great playwright’s legacy, Stratford-Upon-Avon is all set to open Shakespeare’s classroom to the public for the first time along with a re-imagined version of the New Place, his residence. The New Place will open its doors on July 1, 2016. Literary buffs can get ready to walk in the legend’s footsteps and know the man behind the great words through intriguing, never-seen-before exhibits. If that’s not all, there will be strikingly beautiful gardens and commissioned pieces of art. The artworks will depict family life and make references to Shakespeare’s masterpieces that were written in the 19 years of his life at the New Place.

The Tempest Star

The New Place was Shakespeare’s family home until he passed away in 1616. Demolished in 1759, a registered garden was designed to honor the relevance of the site, while also allowing visitors to connect with the master writer. It is popularly believed that the New Place is the site where Shakespeare drafted The Tempest, along with several other popular later plays.  

The re-imagined home site will offer an exciting footprint of Shakespeare’s original family residence and its connection with surrounding pieces of architecture such as the Guild Chapel.

Got more appetite for all things Shakespearean? Head straight to the Royal Shakespeare Company that perfectly mixes literary history with drinks to offer an up, a close and personal preview of the legendary theater’s rooftop bar. There are Shakespeare themed cocktails to celebrate his tryst with theatrical masterpieces.  Book a 45-minute master class on weekdays to get an insider glimpse of one of the world’s most talked about theater production companies.  


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