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Best Places to Visit for the Food

Best Places to Visit for the Food

Food lovers (also known as "foodies") have the entire globe to pick and choose the best countries and cities to visit for a sampling of amazing cuisine. Fortunately, there are some cities that stand out more than others for the best food and the best dining experience.

1. Barcelona

Barcelona is beautiful and culturally significant all on its own, so having amazing food is just icing on the cake. Tapas-style restaurants offer small dishes instead of large meals, allowing you to enjoy a larger selection of great food like meatballs in red sauce, turnovers stuffed with fresh meat and vegetables, slow-cooked chorizo sausage, or fried squid covered in a tasty batter.

2. Mexico City

Compared to the rest of Mexico, the capital city is the most cosmopolitan place you'll find. There's plenty of high-class restaurants catering to all kinds of ethnic cuisine, but like the rest of the country, the best food is what the street vendors are selling (what the locals call "antojitos"). Fresh tacos, tamales, quesadillas, and gorditas are the usual staples but don't neglect other mouth-watering treats like pozole and menudo (local soups), tortas (sandwiches), or horchata (a popular rice-based drink).

3. Taipei

This Chinese city has some of the best Asian street food, from noodle soups to steamed dumplings to pork-filled buns. And despite the local dishes, the seasonings and toppings are much more international, including cilantro, white pepper, and mustard greens.

4. Osaka

As the third-largest city in Japan, Osaka has less appeal to tourists than Tokyo or Kyoto, but it beats both cities when it comes to food. Street vendors are available at any hour of the day, serving up local soups, sweet pancakes (okonomiyaki) with a variety of toppings (like shrimp, cabbage, and cheese), and deep-fried tempura. The best vendors and snack foods can be found on major avenues like Dotonbori Street.

5. New Orleans

New Orleans stands out from the rest of the South for the sheer variety of its cuisine. Besides the traditional American fare, it's home to Caribbean, African, and Cajun-style food. You'll never have trouble finding any place that serves gumbo or a nicely-done crawfish, and for the tasty beignet dessert, you'll want to visit Café du Monde.

6. Palermo

Sicily has its own rustic take on traditional Italian cuisine. Much like Taipei and Osaka, you'll find some amazing food being sold by the local street vendors. Enjoy a variety of dishes, from fresh-baked brioche to ragu-stuffed rice balls to fresh seafood like swordfish and tuna steaks. And no trip to Sicily would be complete without the best dessert in existence: the cannoli, a crunchy crust filled with finely-textured ricotta.

7. New York City

While some may dispute its status as the best city in the world for food, there's no denying that New York is the culinary center of the United States. Thousands of restaurants dot every major borough, catering to every ethnicity and culture you can imagine, with Italian, Chinese, and Jewish deli being some of the most prominent and enjoyable cuisines you'll find.

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