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Factors to Consider Before Deciding to Fly or Drive on Short Trips

Factors to Consider Before Deciding to Fly or Drive on Short Trips

A decision has to make when we go on short excursions of 500 miles or less. Do we get to our destination by car and enjoy the long road trip? Or do we take the short trip to the airport and take the sometimes smooth flight to our destination? Saving time, gas and money are all important factors to this trip; Let’s weigh out each option and each factor what is the best choice.

Time of the Trip

When are you taking your short trip? This is an important question because it pertains to the price of your flight. Weekend flights tend to cost exponentially more than Sunday to Thursday flights. For example, a Friday flight Los Angeles to Las Vegas will cost $348 round trip; But if that same flight was booked for Sunday to Thursday, it would just cost $88.

Who’s Driving?

This same question also pertains to those who drive as well. Because driving on Friday nights can be time-consuming - with the Friday evening work rush plus the weekend getaway traffic, altogether it can be really bad. On the other hand, driving in the middle of the day on a weekday will be a joyous occasion as the roads will most likely be empty.

Hotel Rates

The same pertains to overall hotel rates. Between Sunday and Thursday, hotel rates are usually at a minimum as weekends are peak times. If you go to Vegas and you’re a players club member, you may get complimentary room rates. The same can be said if you are a member of a certain hotel franchise’s members club. Marriott and Hilton have their respective frequent visitor clubs that offer special rates.

Ease of Access

For those who are flying and have no one to take them to the airport, you do have options. Public transportation is a worthy option but with the bags, you may be hauling a taxi is your best choice. Airports can be accessed by bus but major airports have special bus services that transport passengers between major travel hubs (bus stations and smaller airports). Taxis can be pricey so look into purchases airport driving services that can pick you up back and forth from your home and the airport. And of course, you can drive yourself to the airport and park in long-term parking. The advice here: before committing to the airport or private long-term parking services, check the nearest hotels and see if they allow long-term parking. Many of them do and they even provide a shuttle back and forth to the airport.

Wrapping Up

When it comes to travel, things usually find a way of evening out. For all the time you save in flying, you may be paying for it financially. But for all the money you save by driving, long road trips can wear you out and you may have to spend more time resting your eyes than doing activities. There are other expenses for taxis, parking, and food that come into play for both methods. Whatever you do, you may find yourself compensating for both money and time -- so choose wisely.

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