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Top Mobile Apps for Travelers

Top Mobile  Apps for Travelers

Do you have your smartphone on you? Of course, you do. Aside from helping you keep in touch with the rest of the world, your smartphone can serve as your own digital Swiss army knife that can give you all the right tools you need, when you need them. However, it’s important to note that when you’re traveling, the apps that you use in your daily life may not cut it. Tourists and travelers need a whole new set of tools to ensure that their trip goes by smoothly, so if you’re planning a trip anytime soon, make sure that your phone is equipped with the right apps. Not sure where to start? Check out the following:

Tripit Travel Organizer

If you’re going on a trip abroad then you know that planning your itinerary can be overwhelming. With time differences, flight changes, hotel switches, and numerous tourist spots to see, gathering and organizing all the details can prove to be extremely tasking. Fortunately, Tripit Travel Organizer does all that for you. Simply send all your travel confirmation emails to and the service will automatically create a detailed daily itinerary for you. Even better, it lets you sync all the details with your Apple Calendar, Outlook or Google Calendar. You can even access them online so you’ll always know what’s going on.


Live Flight Status Tracker by Mobiata - If you’re planning to travel by air, this app is a must. FlightTrack provides real-time status for airline gates, delays, and cancellations so you’ll have the exact status of your flight at the palm of your hand. Plans fall through because of delays and cancellations all the time, and while these issues are sometimes unavoidable, getting real-time status updates can help you plan accordingly. This app provides info for more than 3,000 airports and 1,400 airlines. It even lets you find alternative flights with a tap of a button. What’s more, FlightTrack also syncs with your phone’s calendar and you can even share flight status on social media. It helps you get organized, too. FlightTrack lets you store flight confirmations, seat numbers, notes, and more.


Plan your entire trip using your phone with KAYAK PRO. This handy app lets you search and book flights, hotels, and even cars. No more switching from one service to the next, with KAYAK, you can book transportation and lodging from one convenient location. It also offers some cool features such as the flight tracker that tells you if your flight is on time and price alerts that notify you of any price changes so you can save some cash.

LiveATC Air Radio

Have you ever wondered what pilots and people in the air control towers are saying? With this app, you can listen in on live conversations between pilots and air traffic controllers. This helps you find out what’s going on in nearby airports and can serve as entertainment as well.

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