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Camping Checklist: Essential Items You Can't Do Without

Camping Checklist: Essential Items You Can't Do Without

While all sporty or outdoor activities generally require some amount of prep and readiness, camping is just one of those activities where you can’t afford not to be prepared. When you’re going to spend the night away from urban amenities like showers, electricity, or a roof above your head, you need to put your boy (or girl) scout hat on and be ready for anything. That’s where this handy checklist comes in. Whether you’re a first-time camper who’s new to the outdoors or a veteran who knows the wilderness like the back of their hand, the following is a list of must-have items you need to take to your camping trip. Camping trips vary, of course, so not all of these items may apply to you, or you may choose to add additional items to the list. In any case, be sure to examine the items below and take the ones that you need on your trip

Category 1: Camping Gear

  1. Ax – For cutting firewood and other materials
  2. Extra batteries – Always have these in case of power for your flashlight, razor, etc. runs out
  3. Flashlight – To help light your surroundings while you’re on the move
  4. Lantern – To light your campsite
  5. Matches or lighter – To start a campfire
  6. Scissors – A handy tool when you need to cut thin or light materials
  7. Sleeping bag – To help you sleep outdoors
  8. Tape – Need a quick fix for small tears or damages? This should do the trick
  9. Tent – For shelter at night

Category 2: Clothing Items

  1. Additional shirts, tank tops, pants, etc.
  2. Cap – To protect you from harsh sunlight
  3. Footwear – Bring closed and open-toe alike, depending on the activities
  4. Jacket – To protect from the cold
  5. Sunglasses – To protect your eyes from sunlight and UV rays

Category 3: Food-Related Items

  1. Aluminum foil – To help cook food much faster
  2. Cooking utensils – To assist you when cooking
  3. Eating utensils – To make eating much easier
  4. Pot holders – To make cooking easier
  5. Water bottles – More practical than glasses, water bottles are easier to hold and refill
  6. Hygiene Items / Health and Beauty
  7. Antibacterial hand sanitizer – Makes less of a mess when cleaning your hands
  8. Comb – To keep your hair from looking like a bird’s nest
  9. Deodorant – To prevent body odor
  10. Facial wash – Your face is bound to get a little dirty use this to ensure its clean
  11. Insect repellant – To avoid insect bites
  12. Shampoo and conditioner – To keep your hair clean
  13. Soap – For cleaning various items and body parts
  14. Sunscreen – To protect you from the sun during the day
  15. Toothbrush and toothpaste – To clean your teeth with
  16. Towels – To help clean up messes and to dry yourself with

Miscellaneous Items

  1. Cash – In case you need to purchase something
  2. Cell phone – To communicate with others during an emergency
  3. Compass – To help point you in the right direction
  4. First aid kit – In case of emergencies or unexpected injuries
  5. Garbage bags – To ensure that the campsite stays clear
  6. Map – So that you’ll know where you are at all times
  7. Painkillers – Basic painkillers such as ibuprofen will come in handy for minor pains
  8. Paper towels – To help clean up messes
  9. Prescription medicine – If necessary
  10. Rope – Needed for certain outdoor activities like rappelling
  11. Toilet paper – To keep you clean and hygienic when using the toilet

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