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Best Travel Gifts For Him

Best Travel Gifts For Him

Coming up with new unique travel gift ideas for men every single year can get tricky. Birthdays, Christmas and other special events come along and you might find yourself wondering what “unique travel gifts can I give him, that obviously make him happy and be useful for him.” Here we have made a list of travel gifts for men who love to travel. This gift idea is for anyone who buys gifts for men who is a travel freak.

World Scratch map

Scratch map is a gold foil coated map of the world which allows you to scratch off where you've been on your travels. When you've scratched off the country or continent you've been to, a rich and colorful map with geographical detail is revealed underneath. Pasting this on your wall or door would be a constant reminder of all the good times around the world.

Moment Lenses

If you depend on your smartphone as your primary camera then Moment Lenses should interest you. These smartphone lenses attach to your phone using a thin metal mounting plate, and once it’s in place, you’re ready to get snapping. With wide angle, telephoto, and fisheye lenses, the results are seriously impressive, making this a perfect travel gift for men who are avid photographers.

Men’s Emergency Kit


An emergency kit is the most essential staff for one who is travelling. You won’t have to search around for the small things like brush, shoe horn, nail clipper etc. if you keep them organized in a cool looking kit. And each time he uses those things he will remind you.


Cocktail Kit


The Carry On Cocktail Kit includes everything you need to mix up two delicious cocktails at 30,000 feet. Whether you're in the mood for a proper Old Fashioned, the perfect Gin & Tonic or a spicy Moscow Mule, the Carry On Cocktail Kit is the ultimate traveler's companion.


Solar Power Charger

These are Portable solar charger for everyday device charging! You can use this while on traveling to charge your smartphone, iPod, portable gaming device, and more. These portable chargers are handy that not keep your iPhone at full battery, but will give extra life to your GoPro and portable music player while traveling.

Travel Backpack

Nothing else could be more useful than a backpack for a regular traveler. And you can see the happiness on his face once you reveal this gift to him. This is a gift he will never keep aside but it will always be on his shoulder


If you are shopping for a guy that loves to be outdoors while traveling, this hammock is great. It is made of parachute material so it is extremely durable, but also folds down to an extremely small size when you need to fit it in your baggage. This hammock also comes with straps and steel carabiners so it is easy to attach to any trees. It also comes in a variety of colors


Coffee Press

Basically, this gift is perfect for any coffee. This on-the-go coffee press doubles a travel mug. It’s great for people that take long backpacking or camping trips and prefer to just bring a bag of coffee and brew their own every day instead of spending money on an expensive cup of coffee.

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