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Cost for Backpacking Through Europe - Part 2

Cost for Backpacking Through Europe - Part 2

You have done all the pre-cost analysis for visiting Europe on the first blog How Much Would It Cost for Backpacking Through Europe? – Part 1. Now is the time when we analyze the cost which incurs after you land on the European continent. Here we will discuss all the possible costs that you will have to incur in Daily expenses, food and lodging and other such expenses. Check out the possible costs incurred here –

Daily Travel Expenses

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The cost of daily travel differs from a place to place and the location of your visit. While Eastern Europe is significantly cheaper, Western Europe tends to be on the higher side in the summer. Small towns are generally much cheaper than the big cities. The value of the currency will vary according to place also. Almost all the Eurozone and EU countries accept Euro and hence it won’t be a big trouble to exchange currencies for you. Some EU countries like Croatia, Hungary, and the Czech Republic still operate in their own local currency. The UK and Ireland deal in pounds. So, daily travel costs would be anywhere between $20-30USD.

Lodges and Hostels

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Most backpackers go for hostels and lodges which are cheaper for their stay than the big hotels. Not only cheaper, it is filled with similar minded people and hence a greater probability of making friends, relaxing and enjoying the trip. Costs of hostels too depend on the place you are visiting. Hostels in London charge around 15-25pound per night while in Barcelona it can be around 19-44 Euros for a night. The further east you travel, the cheaper the hostels and lodges would be. Like in Budapest, it would come down to 8-20 Euros.

Food and Drinks

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You would obviously not live without it and the best part of travel is that you get lots of varieties of food. Throughout Europe, you can get mouth-watering dishes in lowest of prices. Hostels also offer breakfast in genuine rates for as little as 3 Euros. So, load yourself up entirely and get out. Try local market for cheaper food products as well. Some Spanish Cities like Madrid and Valencia have such beautiful markets where you can eat for around 10 Euros to your heart’s content. Similarly, there is no dearth of cheap places in Amsterdam, Paris, and Rome where everything is cheap. Tipping is generally expected in restaurants so be prepared to throw in a few extra euros in cash when you pay the bill.

Sightseeing and Major Tourist Attractions

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While on a Backpacking Through Europe, you cannot afford to miss the major attractions of the place. You can visit museums, historical sites or day tripping. Depending on the place, the entry costs can defer to few euros. It can go up to 20 Euros as well. Most of the museums across London are free while in other Parts of Europe, it's costly. Entering into the Louvre costs 9 Euros while the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam costs €17.50. Join free walking tours in the European towns to save some money while also exploring from the ground zero. When in Paris, head to the top of the Arc de Triomphe for a spectacular view of the city – Eiffel Tower and all.

Local Transport

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Most of the European towns and cities have comprehensive transport systems and they go to all the famous places. Also, they are comprehensively cheaper than local taxis and other services. So, opt for state-run trains, trams, and buses to gather the best views in lowest of prices. You can buy an Interrail Pass to travel to multiple countries in Europe. If you are under 28 years, the cost of Interrail passes start at €200, or €267 if you’re older.

Winding Up

This is how you can give wings to your travel aspirations in a Backpacking Through Europe in the best possible costs.


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