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Cost for Backpacking Through Europe - Part 1

Cost for Backpacking Through Europe - Part 1

For most Americans and Asians, the coming of Age adventure tours only starts with a Backpacking trip through Europe. While it teaches the best of the understanding of life, backpacking trips take us through the troughs of life where you map out the ways to come out of it. With that, you can visit the best of locations without burning a big hole in your otherwise friendly pocket. But backpacking should always be planned and must be done in accordance with what your budget is. To gain access to that budget throughout the year will, of course, be a challenge you would be required to get over with. The consequences would the best leisure time you ever spent. Check out the cost which incurs when you move out for Backpacking Through Europe for the first time –

Pre-Trip Expenses for Backpacking Through Europe

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There would be some Pre-Trip expenses which you will be required to take care of. It can be in the form of –

Passport and Visa

The most obvious item in your backpack should be your Passport and Visa. Without this, you won’t be allowed to enter anywhere in the world. So, if you are American, you can expect that your Passport will be ready for $110USD with a further fee of $35USD depending on the place you are going. It is expected that Americans take approximately six weeks for the document, three if it is expedited.

Travel Backpack

The most important of all things. You don’t want to pull a heavy luggage with suitcases or bags for that matter throughout Europe or across Prague’s haphazard cobblestoned streets. So, you must invest in a good backpack with waist and shoulder straps to cover all your essentials. Some of them come with wheels too. So, the good ones will cost anywhere between $135 to $45USD. You should opt for a bag between 60-70 liters and which fills all your essentials for whatever time period you are traveling for.

Travel Accessories

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One should always be an organized traveler for whatever place they had been traveling for. You should consider buying packing cells as they are cheap and easy to separate items at the same time. You can find these items at a mere price of $12USD. You must also keep a document holder for keeping passport, cash, and cards safe or passport belt. You will find these items for not more $2USD. For Photographer or Instagrammer or Vlogger, you will need to have a travel adapter or power banks to keep yourself going for more time. We recommend you buy a good travel adapter worth around $20USD.

Travel Insurance

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Take or leave it, but Travel Insurances are the need of the hour when you decide to travel on a backpacking Through Europe. It can be organized through travel agents or with your own research as well. The costs for travel insurance depend on the time of the journey and essentials you are carrying there. Most policies cover the essentials – emergency evacuations, trip cancellation, medical emergencies and lost/damaged belongings.  For around six months of the tour, the average Travel insurance charge would be around $380USD.


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Without this, you are not going to land anywhere in Europe. You will have to book air tickets sooner or else the prices may increase with time. The airfares depend on the time of the year and accordingly the rush. Traveling in peak season would cost more than the other months. So, if you have plans of traveling in those months, you must book tickets well in advance. For Americans traveling to London either from the East or the West Coast States, the average pay would be around $600USD for a round trip.

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