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Get Ready with Some Awesome Tips for FIFA World Cup 2018 Russia

Get Ready with Some Awesome Tips for FIFA World Cup 2018 Russia

Football fever is set to rise with the FIFA World Cup starting from 14th June. The tournament is set to last till 15th July but the football fans have already been going over the fence to have a presence there, from all over the world. The World cup is scheduled to take place in 11 Russian cities including the Capital Moscow, the ‘Leningrad’ St Petersburg and Sochi. So, what are your travel plans and how would you let the football fever get on you. Let’s plan your trip for FIFA World Cup 2018 Russia.

When Should You go for the FIFA World Cup 2018 Russia?

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It would depend on the fans of various nations about their country’s game and their relative time of travel. But if you are a real football fan and want to be the grand jury of the opening game between Russia and Saudi Arabia on 14th June, you ought to be there before that. The Round of sixteen would commence from 30th June with the quarters starting from 6th July and Final on 15th July. You must book your tickets and flights early to get there easily. There would be connecting flights available from all the cities in the world to Russian capital and St. Petersburg. There would other connecting flights from here to various other locations.

What would the weather condition be during the FIFA World Cup 2018 Russia?

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Russia usually witnesses the summer in the month of June and also the sunniest month in Moscow. The temperatures in the city generally range between 18 to 23C. the nights can be little chilly. So, you don’t have to worry much about the weather conditions in Russia at that time. You should pack lightly if you want to move with your team schedule with some summer hear and some layers too in case the mercury drops.

Safety during the FIFA World Cup 2018 in Russia

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Generally, traveling through Russia doesn’t concern any threat. But though there is no threat involved, you must have some points in your mind very clear. These points are:

  1. Always keep your Passport and Visa with you during the entire travel. If you have children with you, keep them close with you with necessary documentation.

  2. For food and water, do not rely on the tap water as it will not always be safe to drink. So, stock up bottled mineral water for petty use like brushing and cooking or washing face.

  3. Vodka and Russia have old connections but in Russia, do not rely heavily on local and sample vodka. Try buying labeled versions from reputed stores or go to restaurants and bars to ensure the quality of vodka.

  4. Pickpocketing is a real issue in Russia and hence you need to keep your documents and money safe. Don’t leave your wallet in your back pocket.

How Can You Transfer Money in Russia?

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If you have a long plan of stay and follow your team, you would want some cash sometime. The official currency of Russia is Rouble which can be exchanged through exchange bureaus at home. The easiest ways of getting rouble are through Russian ATMs which are plenty in number at every small place. Credit Cards are also widely accepted in almost all the Russian restaurants, hotels and petty shops.

Where to stay during the FIFA World cup 2018 Russia?

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Staying in Russia could be a big trouble for tourists. With such a big tournament and a huge number of tourist influx at one time, managing stay can be a difficult task. You will need to have a quick booking in order to get luxurious stay near the stadiums and near the team hotels.


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