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Awesome South Africa Trip for Families

  • by traveler
  • Dale S.

We were planning this trip for a long time and finally, we made it happen and I can not wait to share my experience with you all. It was a wonderful experience wherein I got to visit some of the iconic South African destinations. We started our trip with the vibrant city of Cape T Read More

Amazing trip and excellent service

  • by traveler
  • Daniel

Visiting South Africa for a unique safari experience was actually a challenge for me. Since I was not aware of the pros and cons of the country, I was pretty confused about my experience in the strange country of South Africa. I talked to many before coming to a conclusion and sud Read More

A Memorable South Africa Safari Tour

  • by traveler
  • By Ole S.

My family of 9 including 5 grandchildren, 11 years old and younger, had a special time in South Africa.  We were in South Africa for 7 nights after our arrival. During our stay, we spent four days exploring Cape Town and adjacent areas with an amazing tour guide.   Read More

South Africa Safari Review

  • by traveler
  • Paul J

This was an amazing trip, I say the tour of a lifetime, and we enjoyed a lot!  Our agent and tour team did an outstanding job of taking into consideration what our requirements would be as a family with small children - making certain the boys could engage in game drives, including Read More

Wonderful South Africa Tour

  • by traveler
  • James L

As this was our first campaign there have been several unforgettable and exciting experiences and it's difficult to select one out on the top of the others. I would say that during the ten days we spent on campaign there was no lacking of thrill, partly thanks to the travel compan Read More

A Memorable South Africa Safari

  • by traveler
  • Rodger M

This was a great trip. Everything about this trip, from booking to experience was great. Chipego noted down my interests and expectations and bought one of the best Africa Safari tour packages with exceptional lodges and safaris.

Our safari experience was over the top Read More

A Dream Safari In South Africa

  • by traveler
  • John A

For a long time, my wife and I were planning to visit South Africa to have an adventurous experience of Safari. But for some reasons, we couldn’t make to place. But, this time, when my cousin came in for vacation with us he told us about an amazing travel company that is qui Read More

A Great Trip To South Africa With Great Tour Package

  • by traveler
  • Donald T

We just have finished a great trip to South Africa with this travel company. Our travel consultant was knowledgeable, friendly and very responsive! I really appreciated the suggestions and the way she was willing to go the extra mile to ensure our trip was perfect. The safari was Read More

Travel Review: Africa Safari, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Kruger & Chobe National Parks, Victoria Falls..

  • by traveler
  • Lucy K.

Feedback On Travel Company And Travel Experience

From landing in Cape Town to departing Johannesburg we enjoyed a non-stop whirlwind adventure. Table Mountain, Africa's Big Five in the first hours of the safari's, and the grandeur of Victoria Falls all Read More

Travel Review: Luxury Safari in South Africa & Zimbabwe, Victoria Falls, Table Mountain..

  • by traveler
  • Robbie B.

Feedback On Travel Company And Travel Experience

It's been my dream to take a trip to Africa. I wasn't clear on what part of the continent I wanted to explore first or how I should plan out my trip; all I had a list of things that Read More

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