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Amazing Tour In Japan

  • by traveler
  • Phillip

We have just returned from Japan tour. It was a wonderful trip. We have visited many beautiful and famous places. We learned about this trip from and made up our mind to visit Japan. We contacted with this travel company and received an instant response from them. They Read More

Travel Review: Luxury Trip to Japan

  • by traveler
  • Arthur Mackenzie

We journeyed from Tokyo, across the country on a bullet train to Kanazawa/Kaga Onsen and then flew down to Ishigaki Island on the Southern tip of Japan and ferried to our stay on the tiny but beautiful island of Taketomi. Every hotel was perfect and we couldn't have asked for a be Read More

Amazing Trip To Japan

  • by traveler
  • Milinda

We were intending to visit Japan for a long time now and ultimately, it was the good luck of visiting there. We required to make it a packaged vacation keeping in mind the location of the country. So, I selected this marvelo Read More

Amazing Japanese Culture And History

  • by traveler
  • Daniel S

My tour with this travel company to Japan was spectacular! The focus was on an immersive experience, and I worried this might mean an elimination of classic sights. Since I'd never been to Japan, it was important to me to have both a local experience as well as learn the history and see Read More

An Amazing Day Trip To Mt Fuji And Lake Ashi, Japan

  • by traveler
  • Robert

This was a great tour. The tour included everything that was described. When weather impacted Lake Ashi it was too foggy to see anything from a boat, the tour guide Makato changed course and reordered the trip and replaced a boat ride on another lake which wasn't foggy, and we didn't do Read More

Japan Travel Review

  • by traveler
  • T. Rachnman

For a long time, we were planning on visit Japan and finally it came on the sidelines of the New Year and we thought it would be the best time to visit there. So, we were finding the best travel itinerary and we found one on Leisure. It instantly met all our demands. We had a brief conversation w Read More

Japan Travel Review

  • by traveler
  • David Baldwin

Me and my wife have been travelling a lot. In a way, We are experienced world travelers, who have traveled with some of the top luxury travel companies and we'd rate this company among the best. The attention to detail and the literal tabbed spreadsheet with individual components made our entire Read More

Japan Travel Review

  • by traveler
  • G. Rachel

Our trip to Japan was perfect. We were attracted to and curious about learning Japan. We had a limited time of 8 days with our two teenager kids. We wanted many things actually and the time is always not enough. Apart from learning the culture and the country, we were individually interested in c Read More

Travel Review: Japan, Tokyo, Kyoto, Hiroshima Peace Museum, Fish Market...

  • by traveler
  • Hannah B.

Feedback On Travel Company And Travel Experience 

This travel company- in particular, our agent, was fabulous to work with. Under our agent's guidance, we put together a rather complicated 10-day trip. She worked with us ev Read More

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