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Travel Review: A Great Tour To Santorini, Greece

  • by traveler
  • Catherine J.

Ever since I return from Greece tour, I have been so excited to share my personal experience in words. And what would be the better way than sharing about my experience here? Well, first comes first, this Greece trip was my first ever tour that has been planned and scheduled by th Read More

Incredible Greece Tour

  • by traveler
  • Barbara L.

Although somewhat busy, this Greece trip was a well-planned trip, I would say. We had planned in a way so as to see and experience as much of this amazing country and the islands as possible. This travel company was quite helpful and more than willing to speak with me personally i Read More

Greece Tour Review

  • by traveler
  • Antony

From beginning to end, even during our trip, our tour company, through the work of our trip adviser put forth an exemplary effort and the results certainly showed. 3 adult couples, friends for decades, joined our trip advisor to plan our trip to Greece. He made email communication with Read More

Greece Travel Review

  • by traveler
  • Phillip

We have just returned from Greece tour. It was a wonderful trip with this tour company. They are great. We have visited many places including Athens and Santorini. Athens is more than just remains of its glorious past, today Athens is a bustling and trendy capital city. A quite differen Read More

A Wonderful Vacation In Greece

  • by traveler
  • Isabella M

We have recently finished an excellent vacation in a Balkan country coordinated by this travel company. Mia worked wonderfully while planning the tour and answered to every query over mail on time. We prepared a secured and Read More

Excellent Experience In Greece

  • by traveler
  • Victoria

Just finished a superb vacation in Greece coordinated & arranged by this travel company. Angeliki & the whole staff were great-everything was 1st class, on time, on budget, just as promised. The hotels, restaurants, sights were all great & Angeliki made last minute changes f Read More

Excellent Experience With This Travel Company

  • by traveler
  • Mia N

My sister and I wanted to travel to Athens and some of the islands. We wanted transport to and from the islands and hotel bookings to be done for us and to spend our time on each island as we liked. This tour company worked out absolutely fine for us. We so welcomed being reached each l Read More

A Great Experience Of Greek History In Historical Greece Tour

  • by traveler
  • Steffani

What made me history buff is the historical stories from my father during childhood, and today I again fall in love with Greek history and this time it’s Phillip my wonderful tour guide during my week long Greece tour.I was lucky to have Marco as My Tour planner. He is outstanding Read More

Greece Travel Review: Awesome food and beaches

  • by traveler
  • Ned Kuttonis

When I first began to search for the tour on the Internet, Greece was not on my mind but when I saw the pictures and itineraries on Leisure, Greece became the destination I so desperately wanted to visit. I somehow managed to let my wife agree on coming to Greece because she wanted to visit New Z Read More

Greece Travel Review: A honeymoon to remember

  • by traveler
  • Martha

My husband and I went on this trip to Greece for our honeymoon immediately following our wedding. We truly could not have asked for a better honeymoon! Anthony, our travel agent in Greece, was in contact with us for about 9 months before the trip, answering any and every question I could ever thi Read More

Greece Travel Review: The best of Santorini to Remember

  • by traveler
  • Martin S.

From long time, we had not planned for any summer trips and thus this trip was on cards this year with a bang. We hadn’t decided on the place and hence it was a choice between Greece and Italy and Greece won with many stances to Italy. The only thing remaining was finding a suitable career Read More

Travel Review: Luxury Custom Greek Islands Vacation - Mykonos, Santorini, Crete

  • by traveler
  • Sallie W.

Feedback On Travel Company And Travel Experience   

This was a well planned, although somewhat busy trip, we had planned it to be that way to see and experience as much of Greece and the islands Read More

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