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Wonderful Vacation In Croatia

  • by traveler
  • Antony

We have just returned from Croatia. It was an excellent trip. We came to know about this trip from and we also know about this travel company from the leisure itself. They are an excellent travel company and made our tour a happy and successful one. We received great c Read More

Perfect Island Experience in Croatia

  • by traveler
  • Allyson S.

To provide you with a context, I am a true planner at heart! I live in the details and love organizing. So breaking the rule and trusting someone else to organize my trip and expecting things to be done as much as I do and with as much attention to detail was a difficult one, but Read More

Best Beach Experience in Croatia

  • by traveler
  • Janie G.

We were utterly delighted with the way our Croatia trip came together as had planned. This Croatia travel agent provided us with plenty of choices, based on all the places we wished to see. He was extremely patient and helpful with us as we told about our choices. On reaching Croa Read More

Croatia Travel Review

  • by traveler
  • Andrela

Our journey was excellent in all regards! Our tour agent and his team were trained, skilled, very easy to work with and met all requirements and requests. We primarily told the company where we desired to go to Croatia and they took charge of the rest. They offered many recommendations, Read More

Excellent Croatia Trip

  • by traveler
  • Ethan D

Croatia is a beautiful country. We have visited so many places. The most unforgettable a part of our vacation was the time spent at Plitvice. we tend to arrive in torrential rain at 9.00 am, however, had come back ready with our ponchos! We expected there won’t be any queues for p Read More

Outstanding Private Tour Of Croatia

  • by traveler
  • Benjamin T

My wife and I were thinking to view Croatia from Zagreb to Dubrovnik and reached a number of travel companies on leisure to inquire about a private driver/travel guide. Henry, one of the partners of a Croatia tour company immediately replied and admitted very carefully to our prog Read More

Island Hopping Experience In Croatia Tour

  • by traveler
  • Gary

This was one of my favourite tours I’ve ever done. Nicola was great to have around with his infectious laugh, expansive knowledge and amazing recommendations, he made the trip that extra mile better than I expected. I am sure this is one of the best Croatia tour packages.

Read More

Croatia Travel Review

  • by traveler
  • Jianne

The agent that I was in touch with throughout the planning and the trip itself was wonderful.  He was very patient with all our many changes, of which I must admit were numerous, and all of our many requests. We had an amazing holiday in Croatia and in the 12 days that we had, we believe we Read More

Croatia Travel Review

  • by traveler
  • Caroline

It was a great tour for our family and I would like to thank the travel agency for coordinating our family trip after so long. We were absolutely delighted with the way our trip came together as planned. This Croatia travel specialist gave us many choices, based on the places we wished to see -- Read More

Croatia Travel Review

  • by traveler
  • Jia

Croatia and Slovenia was on our radar for long time and we got to spend some special time there on our special tour to Croatia in the last summer. I found out the itinerary through the Leisure and they also provided me with qualified travel agents. I have to compliment my travel agent on every as Read More

Travel Review: Croatia Vacation, Slovenia, Montenegro..

  • by traveler
  • Lori f.

The tour was well-planned and the best part is that the travel agency had organized things in a pretty well way. The travel agent learned so much about our interests and the type of vacation we want to make it excellent. She also gives us some valuable suggestions that will make o Read More

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