An Incredible Trip to France with an Amazing Travel Agency

  • Review by traveler
  • Steve W.
  • On
  • March 15, 2019

I am not a person who really spends time writing online reviews. In fact, I took up this trip over a year ago. The trip was an incredible experience for me and would love to have a similar experience sometime in the near future.

I had never been to Europe before. I found Leisure online and thought their mission would really help me achieve my trip goals. The travel agent at the company provided us a vacation experience of a lifetime.

The travel planner and I spoke on the phone about what I would like to do, what I would like to see, and my personal interests, ages, and experiences.  This travel agent was able to put together an itinerary which allowed me to truly experience each of the cities I visited. In each city, I had private guides who engaged with me really well during the entire trip.

Another key benefit to my trip was that each and every transfer was accounted for - there was a guide, a driver, an escort for every step.  I never had to stress about figuring out where the roads went, where to drive, or even which side of the road to drive on.


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