A Unique Experience in Ecuador and Galapagos Tour

  • Review by traveler
  • Cindy K
  • On
  • December 13, 2018

Our Ecuador and Galapagos trip was exceptional! The travel agency secured an amazing deal for us that made this vacation an affordable one. Initially, we got one of the smaller cabins, but since the cruise was not completely occupied, we were later upgraded to a bigger cabin on the same deck. This truly enhanced my enjoyment of the trip. The accommodations were clean, spacious, but slightly dated and a little worn out. However, this didn’t really matter to us. The food was delicious as well as healthy!

Our hotel situated in Guayaquil was fine and was the best choice for us, both in terms of luxury and location. Airport transfers were all good, but we were not aware of the fact that the hotel provided transportation to the airport, so we kind of spent some extra money on a personal transfer service.

Going to the Galapagos Islands is definitely unique as well as once in a lifetime opportunity. The sea, the land, and the plant life were all extraordinary.


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