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Leipzig Germany - City Of Rich Cultural and Musical Heritage

Leipzig is one of the most popular tourist destinations in eastern Germany in the state of Saxony. It is regularly cited as one of the best cities in Europe in which to live. Thanks to its rich cultural and musical heritage, nearly 40,000 student inhabitants have made this former industrial city a haven for creative and youngsters who are in for the cheap rent, coffee houses, art spaces, vegan restaurants, and techno parties. It’s the kind of city that hosts a Goth festival one weekend and a classic music fest the next. Historic buildings, tall towers and sites that steeped in history, there are a lot of things to see in Leipzig. When the steps are steep, the way is long, and you’re left gasping for breath - from the tops of Leipzig’s observation towers, platforms, and lookout points, you can get a fantastic view of the entire city and the surrounding area as well.

Battle of the Nations Monument

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Battle of the Nations Monument was constructed in the monumental style and was commissioned to commemorate the 100th anniversary of Napoleon’s defeat at the battle of the nations in Leipzig in 1813. It is a leading example of the Wilhelmina School of architecture and worth for the spectacular views with a 500-step climb to the top. St. Thomas Church, built as the church of an Augustinian house in 1212 and later in the 15th century, it was given the form of a Late Gothic hall-church in the style of Upper Saxony. Opposite the church is the Bosehaus, a historic house, home of the Bach Research Institute, memorial, and the Bach Archives.

Grassi Museum

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Grassi Museum, sometimes known as the “Museums in the Grassi” was established in 1895. It is a home to three museums: The Ethnography Museum, Musical Instruments Museum, and Applied Art Museum. The “Museum of Musical Instruments” includes instruments from the middle ages to the 20th century and is a favorite place for visitors. Don’t forget to take a stroll through the city train station; it is the largest railroad terminal in Europe, built in 1915. One of the most important national cultural institutions, “The Museum of Fine Arts” founded in 1837. It possesses more than 3,500 paintings from the middle age to the present, including works by German, Dutch, and Italian masters. The museum has a well-stocked library, for art lovers of all levels of interest.

St. Nicholas Church

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St. Nicholas Church, a 75-meter-high tower is built in the 12th century. Its neoclassical interior with its lovely galleries and altarpieces attract visitors to Leipzig. The church was graced with performances by Bach and church also played an important role as a focal point of demonstrations against communist rule in East Germany in 1989. The history of the Old Trade Fair began with the International Architecture Exhibition in May 1913. The exhibition opened in the presence of the king of Saxony. Initially, there were seventeen halls with a total of 1, 399, 308 sq ft. exhibition space and in 1988 another eight halls had been added and in 1996, the trade fair moved to the new location on the outskirts of Leipzig. Now there are a number of businesses, service providers, research institutes and an indoor football hall are taking up residence on the ground of the Old Trade Fair.

Leipzig University

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Leipzig University, one of the world’s oldest universities and the second oldest University was founded in 1409. A 34-story building with its panoramic café at 110 meters located at Augustus Platz, city largest square at the east end of the city center of Leipzig. The Egyptian Museum, the Museum of Antiquities and the University Art collections are some of the Leipzig’s most important attractions of the University. The German Library was established with the intention of gathering German language books and publications under one roof.

Leipzig Zoological Garden

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Leipzig zoological garden, The Leipzig Cotton Mill, Mendelssohn House and among others are tourist’s attractions in Leipzig. The train station is nearby, and you can easily find Luxury hotels, mid-range hotels, and budget hotel according to your choice of amenities, budget and close to the train station, shops, restaurants and, an easy walk to the historic centers.



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