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Uruguay beautiful beaches- oldword charms Montevideo

Uruguay is a country in South America and known for its beautiful lush green interior and the wide, white and sandy beach-lined coast with historical colonial cities. It touches Argentina to its west and Brazil to its north and east. Rio de la Plata also called River of silver lies to the south-west and the Atlantic Ocean to the south-east. Montevideo is the largest city and capital of Uruguay with approximately 1.8 million people which is more than half of Uruguay’s total population of 3.42 million.

The climate of Uruguay is temperate and the average temperature in June is about 15 degree Celsius (59 degrees Fahrenheit) which is the coolest month in the year while January is the warmest month with a temperature of 25 degree Celsius (77 degrees Fahrenheit). Rainfall is evenly distributed throughout the year.

Beautiful landscape

Uruguay is a land of rolling hills and green grass with seasonal trees, beaches and historical cities, upscale and spectacular beach resorts and much more. There are amazing places to see in Uruguay. Montevideo is the biggest city and the country’s capital, filled with European architecture. Tourists are attracted to its numerous landmarks and activities throughout the year. They can explore many of the city’s parks such as the water-rich Parque Rodo. Montevideo has many outdoor attractions like Ciudad Vieja, which is the oldest part of Montevideo, also known as the old town with a small and compact area of 8 x 14 city blocks. It is one of the most famous tourist destinations in Montevideo.

Museums and historical objects

On weekends, the atmosphere is lively and pedestrian streets are full of visitors, street musicians, and street vendors. The market offers fresh food, seafood restaurants and a large selection of wines spread over the stalls.Montevideo Cabildo is the most famous museum and the house of historical archives. It was used as the government house during the colonial times of the Viceroyalty of the River Plate. The collection in the museum includes the dresses, antique photos, and maps of that period. Montevideo is known for its interesting sites like Museo del Gaucho Y de la Moneda, which includes exhibits on Uruguayan money and the Gaucho - Uruguay’s version of a cowboy. Gaucho collection has silverware, traditional clothing, painting and artifacts used in cattle ranching.

Cultural capital of Uruguay

Montevideo is also known as the cultural capital of Uruguay and a leading venue for cultural events, musicians and artists. Visitors, who come here, get immersed in the lively culture and traditions of Montevideo and enjoy a unique mix of the natural and the urban. Candombe and murga groups are the musical groups originating from African slaves who were brought here in the 18th and 19th centuries. They perform here as regular musicians.

Customs of Montevideo

Montevideo is a city of art and culture and street art is quite popular. Painters often set up shops and sell their art in the streets of Ciudad Vieja. Pop music is quite popular here and young artists could be seen dancing the Tango or playing and dancing to their traditional music. There are famous bars where live music is played every night. Here in this part of the city, people often enjoy walking through old city streets or on the waterfront rather than sitting in one place. In the summer months, many citizens carry the traditional drink in a thermos and enjoy drinking in the park or on the boardwalk; it is served in a hollow gourd with a metal straw.


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