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Las Vegas - the Entertainment Capital of the World is a City That Never Sleeps

Most visitors to Las Vegas like to find the ultimate playground for adults such as casinos and bordellos and it matters little whether they have tight budgets or are loaded with cold hard cash. They flock to the city in their millions and spend billions of dollars in extravagant events, and at high-end shops and penthouse suites in addition to paying heavenly bills for day clubs and pool parties. A lot of the younger visitors prefer going to party in clubs and avoid the casinos although there are many among them that have amassed serious cash quite early in life and want to toss their wealth around in gambling and adult entertainment.

Some Exceptional Hotels And Resorts

Some of the most famous gambling and adult entertainment destinations in Las Vegas are the iconic hotels that offer everything from big table gambling to stripper poles, all nightclubs and lots more. 

The Palms Casino Resort 

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The Palms Casino Resort is a one-of-a-kind adult playground where you soothe all your vices. The girls at The Pussycat Dolls Lounge at Caesars Palace are said to be voluptuous and the dancing so alluring that it transfers the visitor to another world of fantasy.

The Strip House 

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The Strip House at the Planet Hollywood Resort is another scintillating spot where you get the strips, mignons or bone-in rib eyes. 

Mandalay Bay 

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Mandalay Bay at Ivan Kane's Forty Deuce offers an old-fashioned Las Vegas feel but as soon as the show ends, the DJ takes over, and you can dance till you drop.

Natural and Man-made Landmarks

Las Vegas is not all about big-time gambling and the strip in case you are looking for other options. Check out LA tours and head out to look at the landmarks, both natural and man-made in the Mojave Desert that surrounds the city.

Hoover Dam

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There’s the imposing curve of the Hoover Dam that has a curious resemblance to the horseshoe shape of Niagara Falls; see it from a helicopter. Fly out in an airplane to see the Grand Canyon, one of the natural wonders of the world, formed by the River Colorado.

Mojave Desert

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If you’re done with just seeing around the Mojave Desert, there are exciting things to do there, like setting out across the desert sky in a hot air balloon or touching base on the desert in a dune buggy and get a real life feel of the Mojave Desert.


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