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Malaysia and Singapore Will Be Connected by High Speed Bullet Trains by 2026

The romantic, international allure of high-speed bullet trains is steadily spreading throughout Asia. Japan has been operating high-speed bullet trains for commercial travel purposes for well over 5 decades now. China currently has the largest and farthest-reaching high-speed bullet train network on planet Earth. Indonesia is also embarking on a $5 billion bullet train project, which would be the first high-speed rail system for the country. The world is getting smaller every day and more international travelers are visiting Asia every year. What’s more, a lot of Asian countries are modernizing and updating their infrastructure to meet the demands of 21st-century business and finance.

The agreement

Singapore and Malaysia will soon sign an agreement to build and maintain a 217-mile-high speed rail line to connect the two countries. The proposed high-speed rail system will be 217 miles, or 350 kilometers, long and may cost well over USD $15 billion to build. Singapore and Malaysia are considering over 100 construction proposals, including a proposal from over a dozen international concerns.

Proposed Benefits

Currently, it takes well over 5 hours to journey between the two countries by rail. The proposed high-speed bullet train rail system will cut that travel time down to about 90 minutes. It only takes about 45 minutes to fly between the two countries, but that time estimate does not take into account airport waiting times. The region between Singapore and Malaysia is a major international airline arrival, departure and connection hub. The proposed rail system between the two countries will go a long way to easing travel congestion and helping travelers make their connection more efficiently.

Wrapping Up

The hope, as was recently and optimistically mentioned by Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak, is that you could have breakfast in Kuala Lumpur, have lunch in Singapore and be back in Kuala Lumpur by dinner. This is not the first proposal for a bullet train rail system to connect the two countries. The first proposal was made in 2013. The original delivery estimate for the system was for the year 2020. As Malaysian and Singaporean authorities reached a firm bi-lateral agreement to build the rail system, a more realistic completion date of 2026 was agreed upon. So keep your travel options open and flexible in a decade. You could be relaxing in a Malaysia-Singapore, first of its kind bullet train by then.

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