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Travel for Teens Offers a Unique Summer

Travel for Teens Offers a Unique Summer

School is ending and summer is starting. The question every parent dreads looms like a dark cloud predicting rain. What will the kids do all summer? There are camps or summer jobs, but most teens will just prefer to loaf around the house. How do you get your teens to go out and do something? Offer them the trip of a lifetime, a chance they will not be able to pass up. Travel for Teens offers tours around the world that will engage teens with different cultures, teach them the history of the various places they go, and expose them to new foods and adventures.


TFT offers 35 different trips, mostly in July and August. From Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam to Paris and the South of France to Greece and Italy, there are plenty of choices and every kid can find a fun and exciting place to go. There are also service trips for teens who want to help the local community and adventure trips for the more active teens. Travel for Teens tours immerses you in the local environment. The tour guides come from all over the world and give you a hands-on and in-depth look at the places you visit. The trips are safe and reliable. Teens will come back having had one of the best experiences of their young lives.

Tour Experience

We went on a TFT tour back in 2008. It was a totally new experience for me and one that I will cherish forever. Here’s a look at the itinerary for my tour that will give a sense of what a TFT trip is all about. I went on the Eastern Europe tour.

Day 1: Travel

We met at Newark Airport and flew out as a group to our first stop in Budapest via Munich. There is a range of emotions as everyone is jittery, both nervous and excited to start on the adventure. You make fast friends because everyone is in the same boat, not really knowing what to expect but anxious to go.

Day 2: Budapest, Hungary

After flying overnight, we were assigned roommates and settled into our hotel. It was a small place off the beaten path, with nice sized room and a common area for us all to hang out in on our downtime. We took a walking tour to get to know the city and ate at a vegetarian restaurant.

Days 3-6: Budapest, Hungary

We drove out to Statue Park to get a lesson on Communist history, explored the catacombs in the Buda Castle District, and took a tour of a war bunker, souvenir gas masks for all. We went to the Zoo and visited the National Parliament. We spent an afternoon recuperating in the Turkish Baths. We ate at a Medieval restaurant and tasted traditional Hungarian Goulash and Tochai, a sweet Hungarian wine.

Day 6: Travel

We took a train from Budapest to Vienna but not before stopping for apple strudel in the train station. We arrived in Vienna where we settled into our rooms at a nearby university dormitory.

Days 7-8: Vienna, Austria

We walked the cobblestone streets and saw St. Stephen’s Cathedral. We spent an afternoon shopping and took a day trip to Bratislava. There was a festival going on while we were there so we heard great music and had plenty of good eats.

Day 9: Travel

Another train took us to Prague.

Day 10-13: Prague, Czech Republic

We walked through Old Town Square, watched the astronomical clock put on a show, and climbed to the top of Prague Castle. We took a day trip to Theresienstadt to experience the sobering history of the concentration camp that was used as a propaganda factory. We danced at one of Prague’s top nightclubs. When all was said and done, we learned as much as it is possible to learn in two weeks, walked for miles and miles, made good friends, and had a ton of fun.

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