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The Top 5 City Walking Tours

The Top 5 City Walking Tours

Any major city or metropolitan area is full of opportunities for great dining, shopping, sports, and other entertainment. But sometimes, it's nice to simply get outside and stretch your legs. City walking tours are a growing tourist phenomenon, provided by well-informed locals in beautiful or historical parts of the city of your choice. Here are 5 highly-rated walking tours through major cities around the world.

1. Discover Walks (Paris)

Any tourist can walk through and marvel at the many wonders of Paris, but Discover Walks guarantees a more informed and interesting experience. Local guides lead tourists on walks through major landmarks like the Notre Dame cathedral, the gardens at Versailles, the Champs Elysees, and the bohemian neighborhood of Montmartre—all while providing a clever and personal commentary on the city that they love.

2. Peter's Walking Tours (St. Petersburg)

Despite the freezing weather in Russia, St. Petersburg is a lovely city that's rich in history and culture. The Peter's Walk is the main tour, available during the summer. Guides will show tourists around the city, pointing out landmarks tied to the tsarist and Communist eras of Russian history, along with modern neighborhoods and a chance to dine in some of the newest restaurants and pubs in the city.

3. Fox & Squirrel Tours (London)

Food lovers won't want to miss a chance to try the Fox & Squirrel Tours. Take a stroll through Brixton Market and sample amazing cuisine from tucked-away shops and high-class restaurants. Fox & Squirrel also runs walking tours for art lovers (to the National Gallery and other museums) and fashion-conscious travelers (through the stores and boutiques of Mayfair).

4. Abraham Tours (Hebron)

Because Hebron is a city under the control of both the Israeli and Palestinian governments, the full-day walking tour has both an Israeli and Palestinian guide. The Hebron Dual Narrative Tour takes visitors to historical landmarks like the Tomb of the Patriarchs and offers questions and insights about the tense political relationship of this corner of the Middle East. Lunch is offered with a Palestinian family and transport is available from Jerusalem.

5. Bike Mike Tours (Copenhagen)

This 3-hour bike tour covers 12 miles across the beautiful city of Copenhagen. With over a thousand years of history to cover, tourists can ride up to famous attractions like the Little Mermaid statue, Christiansborg Castle, the Library Courtyard, and the home of Danish author Hans Christian Andersen. While the tour is limited to bike riders, it does offer a nice and exciting alternative to other city tours.

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