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The Swing at the End of the World, Ecuador

The Swing at the End of the World, Ecuador

If you think swings are just for kids hanging out on the playground, this might change your mind. In the heart of Baños, Ecuador is a seismic monitoring station called La Casa del Árbol (The Treehouse) and it was built to obverse the volcano Mt. Tungurahua. Beside it hangs a single swing that’s situated just at the edge of the cliff. Known as “The Swing at the End of the World,” riding it will send you flying out over cliff so you can get beautiful views of the Ecuadorian mountains and scenery like no other. Take note that the swing doesn’t have any harnesses or seatbelts, so gulp down a dose of courage before taking your seat.

How to get there

Hike up the path to Bellavista until you reach a viewpoint and seismic monitoring station.

More about  Ecuador

Aside from the adventurous swing, Baños is also known for its thermal springs and highland scenery. Just thirty minutes away is El Pailon del Diablo also known as "The Devil's Cauldron" which is one of Ecuador’s gorgeous waterfalls. Like the Swing at the End of the World, El Pailon del Diablo offers breathtaking (and maybe a little scary) views and completely unforgettable experiences. You’ll be in for quite the hike as well, so be prepared to walk and get ready to get wet. (It is a waterfall, after all.)

Hiking Adventures

The adventures to be had at Ecuador are endless, and whether you’re looking for a huge adrenaline rush or a tamer adventure, this location has everything for you. There are numerous hiking trails around the city, one of which takes you to the statue of the Virgin Mary which lets you overlook the city. You can also rent a bike for as low as $5 a day, and explore the area at your leisure. Need to get your heart pounding? You can go rafting, rappelling and canoeing as well. Then there’s the ultimate adrenaline rush brought about by bungee jumping. There are two bridges to jump from, depending on how high you want to go.

Visit the Amazon rainforest

What’s a trip to Ecuador without an Amazon rainforest adventure? Known as the world’s largest ecosystem, the Amazon rainforest will expose you to countless plants, and species. It’s said to support over a thousand tree species and contains more than 90 thousand tonnes of living plants.

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