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Top 4 American Family Adventures

Top 4 American Family Adventures

As a kid, do you remember how fun your first ‘bull ride ’ through the whitewater was? Or the fond memories of your first time on a family trip? Well, spending time with your loved ones and taking them out on trips is definitely the best bonding experience you can ask for, ever. That said, the kids always something new to learn on such trips - how to navigate waters, or find balance on an uneven terrain. In that spirit, we have listed some of the best places for vacation and activities that will definitely stretch your comfort zone and help you forge stronger family bonds, while immersing the whole family in exciting American pastimes.

1. Wrangling, Wyoming

Among the most exciting tourist destinations in West America that boast of hillside blooms and wildflowers, Wyoming will certainly woo you away. With towns such as Dubois (the authorities claim that ‘real cowboys work and play’ here), Wyoming certainly is the best place to saddle up. What we mean, is that you can experience the cowboy culture firsthand here. You can try your hand at “wrangling” or manage the livestock at one of the oldest dude ranches here in Wyoming. If you want your kids to try the elusive bow-legged swagger, experience driving cattle through the mountain meadows, and learn more about true horsemanship, plan a trip to Wyoming. Among other top tourist attractions, there is the Wind River Valley ranch, the Yellowstone National Park, Dubois Historical Museum and National Bighorn Sheep Interpretive Center, all of which will remind you of your childhood days and bond with your family.

2. Surfing, SoCal

In the Southern California state, surfing isn’t just a subculture, it’s mainstream. Here, each school has its own surf team and there are even specialized parks allowing the populace to practice. If you wish to spend some time at the beach, teaching your kids how to surf, then the greater San Diego shoreline is perfect for you. Even if you are new to surfing, you can opt for a 2-hour surf lesson to get up to speed with the basics and understand the wave mechanics of the ocean. Overall the experience is an enriching one - dolphins swimming in the distance, pelicans skimming the ocean surface, and your kids riding the surfboard on a hard wave. After surfing, you can also enjoy a quiet day with your family at Moonlight Beach, where you can together search through tidepools for octopus and starfish. Then there’s also the Birch Aquarium at Scripps where you can bond over amazing ocean-view patios and scrumptious snacks.

3. Snow Sports, New Hampshire

In America, learning to ski or snowboard is an obvious vacation-time activity for many families. Therefore, if you also wish to let your kids try their hand at skiing or snowboarding, then North Conway in New Hampshire is a perfect vacation destination for you. Here, you can even take up skiing lessons to hone your skills. Once you have got hold of the basics, it becomes quite easy for you to zip down the snow-laden mountain slopes on your snowboard. You can also indulge in coaster rides at Cranmore, ski through the pathways at Bretton Woods on a snowmobile, enjoy a sleigh-ride covered with wool blankets at King Pine, or take up cross-country skiing and snowshoe at Whitaker Woods.

4. Sailing, North Carolina

Have you ever experienced the soothing sound of wind filling a sail, as you explore the oceans beyond the coastline? If not, then it’s high time you do - especially with your family and own sailing crew. Among the top places where you can actually learn a couple of things about sailing, Coastal North Carolina would be the perfect destination for you, with its gentle inlets, the speckled rim of islands and estuaries. In the towns of ‘Little’ Washington, Oriental, and New Bern, you can go explore the waters in small boats and also master the intricacies of sailing. Besides sailing, North Carolina also offers visitors to experience its rich maritime history. You can see ocean life exhibits, details of shipwrecks, hurricanes and pirates at the Roanoke, Fort Fischer, and Pine Knoll colonies. Then there’ Washington’s Estuarium that has antique commercial sailing and fishing boats on display and the Beaufort Maritime Museum.

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