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Top 4 Secluded Beaches to Explore in Thailand

Top 4 Secluded Beaches to Explore in Thailand

When it comes to exploring top exotic travel destinations in Southeast Asia, Thailand ranks high on every traveler’s itinerary. Whether it is the fascinating history, high street fashion, scrumptious cuisine or rich cultural diversity, Thailand has it all! That said, you probably would have heard of most popular Thai tourist destinations such as Pattaya, Bangkok, Phuket City, and Koh Samui. However, these destinations are filled up to the brim with tourists all year long, so where to find tranquility and peace of mind? Thankfully, there are several other hidden tourist attractions, besides these obvious choices, especially in the Trang archipelago that will not help stimulate your senses but also rejuvenate your mind and soul. Without much ado, here are the top four secluded beaches in Thailand that you can consider to experience tranquility like never before.

1. Ao Kham, Koh Muk

Perched on the eastern side of Koh Muk, the hidden gem of Ao Kham is a just sheer delight! While the beachline here at Ao Kham features spectacled tracks of hermit crabs and sand crabs, the overall view itself is both panoramic and absolutely breathtaking. Imagine the gentle breeze on a pearl-white sand beach - it's already laden with languid stupor. Add to that, the opportunity of riding a tuk-tuk or traditional Thai taxi and enjoying some local cuisine such as the massaman curry (a dish comprising slow-braised, bone-in chicken with crimson coconut oil and a rich sauce), and you have an exceptional travel itinerary ready!  

2. Haad Farang, Koh Muk

If you wish to explore a unique landscape filled with limestone karsts and rich flora, then Haad Farang is the perfect travel destination for you. Also known as Haad Sai Yao, the hidden beach of Haad Farang is just a half-hour walk away from Ao Kham. therefore, you have an opportunity to explore two completely different (well, almost) kinds of pristine beaches. While Ao Kham features beach sand that is almost pearlescent, the waters here in Haad Farang is free from riptides and is known to emanate a bluish, pearlescent hue that can surely mesmerize anyone. Moreover, the beach also boasts of winding cavern lined with stalactites called the Emerald Cave or Tham Markot.  

3. Haad Lang Kao, Koh Libong

In terms of area and landmass, the Haad Lang Kao beach is the largest on Trang island. That said, there are some visually stunning features including serene landscapes and untamed mangrove strips. Given the fact that this beach is mostly untouched by outside influence, you will be empowered and surprisingly, at ease by the sudden calm that engulfs you. And, if it’s your lucky day, you will be able to spot a rare dugong just offshore, nibbling on the seagrass. If you believe in exploring divine and peaceful places, without being hassled by hordes of travelers, come visit this picturesque beach. We promise that you will definitely be hooked with Haad Lang Kao for life.

4. Sunset Beach, Koh Kradan

Finally, we have the elusive Sunset beach of Koh Kradan that features distinctive cerulean waters and sand that closely resembles the Carrara marble. Probably, one of the most popular tourist attractions in the entire Trang archipelago and even Thailand for that matter, here you will experience beach strolls like never before. The warm, salty sea breeze that flows enticing over the entire space and blends seamlessly with the mesmerizing aroma of cashew trees, will definitely take your breath away (pun intended)! Likewise, the island also features the exclusive green landscapes of the Hat Chao Mai National Park; however, the most exciting part of this beach is the sunsets. Believe us, when the sun goes down, the entire horizon is flared with shades of saffron and scarlet.  

Bon Voyage

While Thailand is one of the more frequented destinations in Southeast Asia for backpackers, honeymooners, and devout travelers, it also has an elusive aspect to its tourism. The Trang archipelago in Thailand features several hidden gems of white-sandy beaches and pearlescent-bluish, calm waters that are not only some of the top travel destinations in the region, but will also teleport you to an Earthly heaven, where your mundane lifestyle will no longer matter. All that will matter, will be your zeal for life and the tranquil experience of being in the lap of nature.

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