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Best Places to Visit in Croatia

Best Places to Visit in Croatia

On the shores of the Adriatic Sea in southeast Europe lies the country of Croatia. Croatia is a very popular tourist destination. The three most visited places in the country are Zagreb, Dubrovnik, and Split.


Zagreb is the capital of Croatia and its largest city. It is known as the “City of Museums” because it has more museums per square foot than any other city in the world. Zagreb is great for sitting at a cafe and people watching. It is divided into three districts, Gornji Grad (Upper Town), Donji Grad (Lower Town), and Novi Zagreb.


  1. Ban Jelacic Square: The main square in Zagreb hosts a statue of its namesake, known for defeating the Hungarians in an 1848 uprising.
  2. Zagreb Cathedral: Recognizable by its twin neo-Gothic spires, it was originally built in the 13th century but is mostly renovated.
  3. Dolac Market: A great place to go shopping, grab a bite, and people watch.
  4. Stone Gate: This is the only original 13th-century town gate still around in the city.
  5. St. Mark’s Church: One of the most popular attractions in Croatia, the church is famous for its tiled roof depicting the coat of arms.


  1. Archaeological Museum: 78,000 artifacts from around the world dating back to prehistoric times, including an Egyptian mummy and the Vucedol dove.
  2. Museum of Broken Relationships: A unique museum containing objects and stories of people’s past relationships.


The city’s Old Town is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Dubrovnik is the most popular destination in Croatia. The city is surrounded by 2 kilometers of walls.


  1. Franciscan Monastery: It’s library houses 30,000 volumes, it houses the oldest functioning pharmacy (operating since 1391), and a 15the century cross, among others.
  2. Sponza Palace: Built in the 16th century in the Renaissance-style, the palace houses the national archives.
  3. Church of St. Blaise: Built in the Baroque-style in the eighteenth century, the cathedral houses a vast treasury.
  4. Rector’s Palace: A Gothic-Renaissance style building completed in 1441 is now a museum.
  5. Pile Gate: The gate marks the entrance to Old Town.
  6. Banje Beach: With its location on the Adriatic Sea, Dubrovnik is a great place to lay back, relax, and soak up some sun rays.


Known for its nightlife, beaches, and ancient sites, Split is the second largest city in Croatia. Nearby, there is the town of Trogir, a World Heritage Site famous for its cathedral of St. Lawrence.


  1. Diocletian’s Palace: One of the most famous attractions in Croatia, the complex houses a large open space, the Peristyle, surrounded by 6 columns and featuring a decorated arch.
  2. Gregory of Nin: This statue is a popular spot in Split. The toe of the 10th-century religious figure has been rubbed so many times it has turned gold.
  3. People’s Square: The square hosts the 15th century Old Town Hall and an ethnographic museum.

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