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Fun Times in Denver

Fun Times in Denver

Located where the Great Plains meets the Rocky Mountains, Denver is one of the fastest-growing cities in the US. The capital of Colorado is home to both Old West monuments and young professionals, a mix of the old and the new for over 600,000 inhabitants. Anyone looking to visit the Mile-High City should keep an itinerary with some of the following activities in mind.

1. Ride a bike

As a very modern city of the Western US, Denver is a bike-friendly place with a strong cycling culture. Bike lanes are abundant along Cherry Creek and the Platte, as well as throughout Downtown. Denver also offers a bike sharing program called B-Cycle, which you can join by purchasing a membership online or at any one of the bike stations across the city.

2. Visit the Denver Mint

Since 1906, the Denver Mint has been creating money for the entire US and is ranked as the largest coin producer in the world. You'll know if the dollar in your pocket came from here by looking for the letter "D" on the bottom right corner of the front. Tours are offered every hour on the hour, though you're required to register in advance.

3. See a Colorado Rockies game

Maybe you're not a baseball fan, but the Rockies are an excellent team. Going to a game at Coors Field is fun for both locals and tourists. Because of the high altitude and the low air density surrounding the park, your chances of seeing a home run during your game will be very high.

4. Stop by the Mercury Café

Most locals wouldn't tell you to come here for the cuisine, but you'll want to stay for the ambiance. Not only are there live music shows every night, but you can also look forward to poetry readings on Sunday nights, salsa dance classes, and more.

5. Tour the Coors Brewery

Coors is a top-selling beer in the United States, so it's no surprise that the Coors Brewery is one of the biggest and most refined breweries you'll ever find. Here brewers use natural water from off the Rocky Mountains to make their best-selling products. Tours are always available and usually end with a free drink of Coors for every guest of legal drinking age.

Wrapping Up

Visitors to Denver should be aware that its location is one mile above sea level, so it's not uncommon for travelers to experience altitude sickness. Symptoms include dizziness, hyperventilation or shortness of breath, and having trouble sleeping. To counteract this, be sure to stay hydrated and check with your doctor about getting a prescription for a motion sickness drug like acetazolamide.

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