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Known best for its world-famous Oktoberfest and World War II history, Germany is also a homeland to some of the most gorgeous scenery, important historic sites, fairytale castles, and lively party scenes. With its small towns, magnificent mountains, historic cities, and enchanting forests, travelers don’t have to make much efforts when it comes to choosing places to visit in Germany. Situated in the heart of Europe, Germany maintains the continent’s most powerful economy.  



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The Fairy Tale Route begins with the Brothers Grimm. To understand their magic, explore their background and discover the inspiration that extended from their balconies. They were born in Hanau, where a sandstone monument proudly remembers the town's famous sons. Cobblestone lanes wind past the Neustadter Rathaus (Town Hall) to Philippsruhe Castle, a renovated ruin that is enveloped by a historical park. Next, it's Gelnhausen where a watch-tower holds grim tales from the 15th-century and a time when fairy tales were the work of suspicion. The brothers also lived in Steinau a der Strasse, a beautiful medieval town where timbered houses lean over the lanes. Your hotel is nestled among the old cobbled center of Steinau a der Strasse and small puppetry acts play out the famous fairy tales throughout the evening. Already, the distinctions are beginning to blur, and you can sense the fantasy that surrounds you.

Get a taste of German Apfelwein

Sachsenhausen is located just south of the Main River in Frankfurt. It’s a nice district to just walk around and hang out, but one thing you shouldn’t miss is trying the apple cider in one of the taverns. Sachsenhausen is famous for its eateries and quaint inns. The main street of Sachsenhausen is lined with several traditional cider taverns. Be sure to chill in one of the many bars over their apple ciders (Apfelwein)!  Sachsenhausen is an area where the local youngsters frequently hang out, especially on a Sunday when the shops and malls are closed, so do expect to see many of them around!

Northern Germany is a fine place to visit in the summer when temperatures are moderate. Berlin, for example, peaks out at 73 degrees in July and August, a respite from the soaring temperatures around the Mediterranean. The city of Hamburg can be downright cold in summer.  The best times to go to the south, as usual for this part of Europe, is spring and fall. You'll enjoy good weather, cheaper lodging, and fewer tourists (although this is changing!). Visitors to Munich and Bavaria will generally find Fall a perfect time to experience Germany, with Oktoberfest, fall colors, and wine festivals all in full swing.


Germany provides a plethora of accommodations for tourists that range from boutique hotels to sophisticated eco-lodges, five-star luxury resorts to hidden gems with private panoramas. Visitors have options and may opt for global hotel brands known for elegance, or turn to family-run bed and breakfasts in view of hanging antique monasteries. As one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, Germany has developed an industry of accommodations to match the demand with everything from modern accommodations to small-scale family operations that total more than 11k four and five-star hotels.

The most popular hotels on the islands provide beautiful views to the secluded plunge pools in which to enjoy the vistas. The whitewashed houses with blue rooftops bring the elegance of lavish living with the traditional architecture. The pristine Berlin wall has become a symbol of the Germany beauty and charm, adding extravagance and comfort for visitors from around the world.

There are no health precautions for visiting Germany. The Center for Disease Control recommends that you are up to date on routine vaccines and your yearly flu shot. If a medical issue arises when you’re in Germany, you can visit a local pharmacy for medical advice. The pharmacy can contact a doctor to provide a “house call” at your hotel room. Germany has one of the world’s best healthcare systems, and medical fees for most services are reasonable enough to pay out of pocket. You should still consider travel health insurance, to cover the costs in the rare chance of a serious medical emergency. Before your trip, you should also check to see if your health insurance plan will cover any medical costs incurred while traveling overseas.  

Although Germany is a very safe country, you should take precautions as with any travel experience. Be aware of pickpockets, especially in big cities. Pay attention to your surroundings in crowded areas like the metro and train stations. Keep your passport and cash in a secure place such as a hotel safe or by wearing a money-belt. Always bring copies of credit card information, so that you can contact your credit card company in the case of theft. Before your trip, be sure to get travel insurance that covers theft and lost baggage. Single woman sometimes experience the culture shock of forwarding men when traveling alone in Germany. Usually, this is a mere inconvenience rather than a safety threat. Single women travelers should take the same precautions in Germany that they would elsewhere: be aware of your surroundings and avoid areas that are desolate or not well-lit at night.   


Life moves slowly in Germany, from the moment you disembark the plane it’s easy to fall into the easygoing culture that epitomizes the country. Nothing is ever rushed, then again, nothing needs to be rushed. The cities are tiny by US standards, the country is sparsely populated and wonderfully unpolluted, and there’s the too much visual delight to do anything quickly. Having said that, the well-refined tourism industry has very high standards of professionalism. If your pick up time is 07:45, the vehicle will be outside at 07:40. Then the tour will invariably go at a leisurely pace, ensuring everything is savored and little is missed.  Germans are open and welcoming, from modern Maori tribes to recently settled mountain guides. Outside the towns you’re unlikely to see very many people, so stopping to say ‘hello’ and ‘how are you?’ comes naturally. Most residents are in the country for the same reason you are; to explore, be surrounded by nature, and enjoy a peaceful way of life. If Germany sounds like your kind of place than the locals will be your kind of people. ATM’s are readily available and almost all will accept Visa and MasterCard. American Express can be used but not everywhere. Almost every town has at least one; just remember that some towns can be quite far apart. Most establishments will take credit or debit card payments, so there’s little need to carry large amounts of cash. The German currency Euro costs much expensive than The US dollar.  The easy-going nature of the country is one of its highlights. However, there’s one part of local culture that must be respected. Local authorities work hard to ensure the pristine landscapes can be perfectly preserved. There are absolutely no excuses for spoiling them with litter, however small. If ever the travel mantra of “leave nothing but footprints, take nothing but photos” could be personified it’s in Germany. And as soon as you lay your eyes on its immaculate bounty you’ll want to make sure it stays that way.


Leisure provides a wide array of meticulously planned Germany adventures. We make all the plans so that you can completely enjoy your dream vacation! The entire trips can be customized to a specific class and requirements or can be completely tailor-made around particular destinations and special interests. To start your amazing journey for Customized Germany tours, let us know your interests by filling out a Trip Request. We would then match your requirements with two or three specialist travel agents who will work with you to provide you with the best vacation.

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