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Chile is a long, narrow country stretching along South America's western edge, with more than 6,000km of Pacific Ocean coastline. Santiago, its capital, sits in a valley surrounded by the Andes and Chilean Coast Range mountains. The city's palm-lined Plaza de Armas contains the neoclassical cathedral and the National History Museum. The massive Parque Metropolitano offers swimming pools, a botanical garden and zoo.



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Chile is a symphony of natural attractions, from the glacial fields at the southern tip of Patagonia . to the windswept dunes of the Atacama Desert in the north. This long, narrow country on the western edge of South America is characterized by diverse and abundant natural beauty.


Santiago is both the largest city and the capital of Chile, a place often overlooked by travelers as a mere stop on the way to other cities within the country. This, however, is a mistake as Santiago is a booming metropolis featuring impressive views of mountainous terrain. Worldly, cosmopolitan, lively, and sophisticated are descriptors of the city’s expansive cultural scene, buzzing nightlife, thought-provoking museums, and top-tier restaurants. Each area of the city offers visitors something different, from the architecture, museums, and pedestrian malls of the Centro to the beer halls, cafes, and sidewalk eateries of Lastarria. Neighborhoods like Las Condes and Providencia offer world-class hotels and restaurants.

Laguna San Rafael National Park

Laguna San Rafael National Park is the largest in Aysen at a whopping 3,832,400 acres. It includes all of the Northern Patagonian Ice Fields, where numerous lakes and rivers are created. It is also home to the highest peak in the Southern Andes, Mount San Valentin. The ice field stretches over San Valentin and the neighboring hills, creating 19 glaciers, the most remarkable of which is the San Rafael Glacier, hence the park’s name. One of the highlights to the park, and an extraordinary sight to behold, are the blocks of ice that break off the glaciers and fall into the lake with a deafening boom.

Robertson Crusoe Island

Robertson Crusoe Island is a magical place where coastal cliffs, soothing waters, and lush native vegetation create an oasis of beauty and activity. It is commonly known as the Desert Island, providing a lonely atmosphere cushioned by the Pacific Ocean, a naturalist’s dreamland. There are a number of outdoor activities that can be enjoyed here, such as swimming in crystal-clear waters or diving underwater to explore the marine life alongside South American fur seals, the indigenous species of the Biosphere Reserve. Sailing, kayaking, and fishing are all common here, as is trekking on paths through unspoiled areas like Puntas de Isla, Centinela Hill, and Puerto Francis.

Torres del Paine National Park

Torres del Paine National Park is situated at the southern point of the Chilean Andes. It is one of the most distinguishable sights in the Southern Hemisphere and well-known for its world-class trekking routes. It’s most favored hiking paths include the Paine Circuit and the W Trek. The park is made up of glaciers, forests, rivers, lakes, and fjords and is home to various native animals, including pumas, guanacos, foxes, and several species of birds. Popular attractions within the park include the Paine Towers, the French Valley, Los Cuernos, and the Grey Glacier.


Chile's unusual, ribbon-like shape, 4,300 kilometers long and on average 175 kilometers wide, has given it a varied climate, ranging from the world's driest desert, the Atacama, in the north, through a Mediterranean climate in the center, to a rainy temperate climate in the south.

For visitors heading to Patagonia in the south of Chile, October to March is the warmest and most accessible months. Santiago, the Central Valleys and the Atacama Desert are truly year-round destinations. June to August are popular for skiers in the mountains around Santiago, whilst April's displays of autumnal leaves in Chile's winelands make this month an appealing time for a visit.


Chile is a country in South America that it is longer than it is wide. It makes up for the lack of breadth with stunning scenery: the Andes Mountains on its east and the Pacific Ocean on its west. Add to these mix llamas, a couple of rainforests and deserts. And the best part is you’ll find some pretty unique places to stay in Chile, whether they be in remote areas or big cities, that will enhance your enjoyment of this South American country.

From its northern desert to the southern Patagonian fjords, the ever-changing Chilean landscape is home to a wealth of accommodations covering all ends of the comfort and luxury spectrum. Chileans are a hospitable bunch and — given the extreme weather differences end to end , coziness is often a top priority. In a country where you can wake up in a mountain ski lodge and go to bed on the beach, you are never too far from a new and unique Chile lodging experience. Read on to learn more about where to stay in Chile.


The food in Chile is about as diverse as everything else in the second longest country in the world, which makes sense given the enormous range of climates, soil, and ecosystems at play. And of course, the amount of coastline the country occupies, which offers up some of the best Chilean food of all - succulent seafood. It's interesting to understand and actually taste the unique flavors in both the food and of course the famous Chilean wines as you move from north to south. Chilean cuisine is largely based on the frutas del mar, or fruits of the sea, but head further south to Patagonia where baqueanos ride their horses on the open range and meat is also on the menu in a big way.


Check few things before visiting Chile to make sure your trip is a success!

Passport and Visa

This is definitely one of the most important things to know before visiting Chile. As a U.S. citizen (as well as citizens of the E.U.), you won’t need to acquire a visa or pay a fee to enter the country. In fact, you’re permitted to stay in Chile for 90 days (3 months) at a time on a tourist visa. Nonetheless, many people who want to stay in Chile for longer will either extend this visa for another 3 months or just leave the country and come back. Many times, expats will cross the border to Mendoza, Argentina for the weekend and come back.

Checking in the Border

Trying to enter Chile with any live organic matter from vanilla pods, to a runner bean or even a wooden stick, is out of the question. Full searches are order of the day for every entrant; sniffer dogs are trained to discover apples in backpacks.

Photographing military installations is strictly prohibited.


While most visits to Chile are safe and healthy, there are certain things that travelers should be aware of in order to stay well.

One of the most dangerous encounters a traveler in Chile can have is with the hazardous ash, dust and fumes emitted from the various active volcanoes throughout the country. During and following a volcanic eruption, these toxic materials can be distributed over a wide area.

Communicative diseases like cholera are reported throughout Chile, and Hepatitis B and typhoid are not uncommon, especially during the warmer months. Appropriate vaccination and immunizations should be administered prior to travel to lessen the chances of contracting a dangerous illness.

Dengue fever and other insect-borne diseases are also present, with occasional outbreaks reported on Easter Island. If you're planning a visit, be sure to take appropriate precautions to avoid being bitten by mosquitos.

Crime is more concentrated in the dense urban areas, though picks up in tourist destinations in summer. Those staying in cabins should close and lock windows before heading out, particularly in popular resort towns. At the beach, be alert for pickpockets and avoid leaving valuables around while you go for a swim. Never leave an unattended car unlocked, leave seats and floors bare and keep all valuables in the trunk.


Chileans are friendly and hospitable, and they tend to be forgiving of mistakes made by foreigners. Even so, if you are familiar with the basics of Chilean etiquette, you can avoid many embarrassing and awkward situations.

Chilean culture tends to be more openly affectionate than what you might be used to. During conversations and greeting one another, a hug, a kiss on the cheek, or an enthusiastic pat on the back are all common things. This is especially true among close friends and relatives.

Clothing in Chile is conservative and formal. A person is often placed within a social hierarchy based on how they dress, so presenting yourself appropriately is important. Avoid wearing any revealing clothing, such as sleeveless tops, short skirts/shorts, or low-cut tops.


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