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Chile is a long, narrow country stretching along South America's western edge, with more than 6,000km of Pacific Ocean coastline. Santiago, its capital, sits in a valley surrounded by the Andes and Chilean Coast Range mountains. The city's palm-lined Plaza de Armas contains the neoclassical cathedral and the National History Museum. The massive Parque Metropolitano offers swimming pools, a botanical garden and zoo.



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Chile is one ultimate place for all the things that you ever wanted to try, attempt, taste and attain in your lifetime. Be it the frothing rivers, endless coastlines, the driest desert on earth or the frozen mountains - Chile has everything for all the adventure junkies. A country of marvelous landscapes, each landscape of Chile offers a unique kind of experience for the tourists. In case you are looking out for some spectacular destination to travel. So there are endless attractions to draw travelers for luxury Chile tours.

Santiago - The Bustling City:

This capital city is also the largest city in Chile. Travelers often overlook Santiago as an insignificant stop on the way to other cities within the country. But this is a mistake as Santiago is a booming metropolis featuring impressive views of mountainous terrain, worldly cosmopolitan, lively and sophisticated cultural scene, buzzing nightlife, wonderful museums, and cozy restaurants. Cherish the diverse array of architectural styles as you wonder at the imperial grandeur of the Moneda Palace and soak up the vigorous atmosphere of Plaza de Armas. Enjoy the elaborate facade of the Cathedral, passing the majestic Central Post Office as you travel.  

Admire the flourishing glory of Parque Forestal, a beautiful park based on the design of Paris’ Champs-Elysees, and feel the bohemian ambiance and vivid street art of Bellavista neighborhood. Climb to the summit of San Cristobal Hill for picturesque vistas of the glittering city, witnessing the dramatic Andes mountain range in the distance. Each area of Santiago has something different for travelers. From the museums, architecture, and pedestrian malls of the Centro to the beer halls, cafes, and sidewalk eateries of Lastarria, every place offers something unique. Neighborhoods like Las Condes and Providencia offer world-class hotels and restaurants. You can join a city guided tour conducted by a number of Chile travel agents.

Puerto Varas, And Petrohue Waterfalls:

Puerto Varas was established by German settlers and is recognized for its German traditions, seafood, natural view, and luxurious hotels. This city rests on the banks of Llanquihue Lake. The lakefront receives the excellent view of the cone of Osorno Volcano and the snow-capped peaks of Mt. Calbuco and Mt Tronador. You will enjoy strolling around the city filled with fragrant roses and historical statues that depict the history and founding of the city. If you like shopping for souvenirs to take back home or just enjoy looking at the local crafts this is an excellent place to do it. You can also enjoy sipping a cold German beer at one of the many lakes facing cafes.

The German beers they sell were all introduced here and are still made right here, in southern Chile. From here, you can proceed towards Ensenada, followed by Petrohue Waterfalls which is the cherry on the top of any Chile tour. Once you reach the location where the falls are located, hire a local expert guide for a walkway that leads to the waterfalls. You will view water plunging over the lip of volcanic rocks, with the waters turning brilliant shades of blue and green. Encircled by a lush forest, the falls stand against the impressive backdrop of Osorno Volcano, making for excellent photo opportunities. The magical and awesome emerald color of the lake is due to microscopic algae and minerals in the water. Legend says that whoever drinks these waters will see good luck for the rest of his or her life.

Torres del Paine National Park:

This park is a UNESCO World Heritage listed site. Travelers from around the globe come to this place every year to revel at its beauty! Torres del Paine is situated at the southern point of the Chilean Andes. It is one of the most distinctive sights in the Southern Hemisphere and well-known for its world-class trekking routes. It’s most preferred hiking trails include the W Trek and the Paine Circuit where Chile travel agents regularly conduct hiking tours. The contains glaciers rivers, lakes, and fjords and is home to numerous native animals, including pumas, guanacos, foxes, and various species of birds.

The most popular attractions within the park include the French Valley, the Paine Towers, Los Cuernos, and the Grey Glacier. This Patagonia’s rugged steppe country is one of the most loved tourist attractions for being home to a large number of endangered species. Here you can spot large herds of sheep and different types of animals that resemble species that are formed by the cross of camel and llama. And, it’s an exhilarating experience to see the rugged snow-kissed Torres del Paine mountains that tower beautifully in the background. After this, you can visit the Salto Grande waterfall that is located on Patagonia’s lovely lakes Pehoe and the Pehoe River. Topped by the snowy white peaks of Grey Glacier this Salto Grande waterfall looks fascinatingly charming.

The Atacama  - A Magical Desert:

The Atacama is one of the most beautiful deserts in the world! You will travel along the Domeyko Mountain Range to the village of San Pedro de Atacama, gateway to the desert. In the afternoon, you will pass through the Salt Mountain Range and head straight to one of the famous spot of the desert,  Moon Valley. The valley has wonderfully exceptional lunar landscapes and is considered one of the driest places in the world. Cycling towards Valle de la Luna in time to view a dramatic sunset, feel the vastness of the desert stretching out all around you. Spend time exploring the vast sand dunes, the amphitheater, and the natural salt monument 'Las Tres Marias'. Bring the day to an end by watching the sunset over the glowing sand, with your own special view of the impressive valley. a white boundless salt flat with flamingos nesting in the lagoons. Geological research studies recommend this vast salt flat is the most significant lithium reserve in the world. Visit a neighboring village with ancient architecture and welcoming locals who make fine wool knit products.

Chile is such a long, geographically diverse country that it is difficult to pin down one top time to go. The best time to visit Chile depends a lot on which part you’re headed to and what you want to do there.

Chile is a thin, narrow shaped country, and this unusual shape of 4,300 kilometers length and on average 175 kilometers of width, has given Chile a diverse climate. The country experiences the world's driest desert, the Atacama, in the north, a Mediterranean climate in the center, and a rainy temperate climate in the south. Go through the below details before you plan your Chile tour.


Year-round Destinations - The Atacama, the world’s driest desert with an average of six days of rainfall a year, is a pretty solid year-round destination. It’s hard to pick a time to visit that isn’t ideal for eyeballing its Martian landscapes and flamingo-dotted lakes. Santiago, the Central Valleys and the Atacama Desert are truly year-round destinations.

October to March - If you are heading to Patagonia in the south of Chile, October to March is the warmest and most appropriate months.

June to August - For skiers, June to August is the ideal time to explore the mountains around Santiago, whilst April's displays of autumnal leaves in Chile's Winelands make this month an appealing time for a visit.

November to mid-March - This period offers the best weather for sunbathing. Rain, while unlikely, makes token Atacama activities such as visiting the salt flats a no-go as the landscape and infrastructure are – unsurprisingly – poorly adapted to deal with downpours.

December to April - Peak season in San Pedro de Atacama and in other popular destinations in the region, such as the cities of Antofagasta and Iquique, runs from December to April. As always, visit off-peak for fewer tourists and cheaper prices, or head to protected areas

Cultural Events:

For cultural flare, time your visit to coincide with regional festivals such as el Carnavalón, celebrated in the regions of Putre, Socoroma and San Miguel de Azapa (near to the city of Arica) 40 days before Lent begins, and the famous Fiesta de la Tirana, celebrated in the Tarapacá region on July 12th through 18th, in which locals don masks and dance la Diablada, the ‘dance of the devil’.

Party & Festivals:

If you’re a party animal, Valparaiso on New Year’s Eve is unmissable, with a world-famous firework display and edgy parties in Chile’s most bohemian city – just be sure to book your accommodation months in advance.

From its northern desert to the southern Patagonian fjords, the ever-changing Chilean landscape is home to a wealth of accommodations covering all ends of the comfort and luxury spectrum. Chileans are a hospitable bunch and — given the extreme weather differences end to coziness is often a top priority. In a country where you can wake up in a mountain ski lodge and go to bed on the beach, you are never too far from a new and unique Chile lodging experience. Read on to learn more about where to stay in Chile tour

Prices - As always, visit off-peak for fewer tourists and cheaper prices, or head to protected areas to avail accommodation at a fantastic price range.

Facilities - There are plenty of places to camp throughout Argentina, with most towns and villages having their own municipal campsites (campings), but standards vary widely. At the major resorts, there are usually plenty of privately owned, well-organized sites, with facilities ranging from provisions stores to volleyball courts and TV rooms.


Chilean cuisine is a blend of Native  Chilean Mapuche culture and local ingredients. Chilean gastronomy is also influenced by some European cuisines, especially Germany, Italy, and France. Below are the top dishes selected by our Chile culinary travel guide:


These delicious dough pastries either baked or fried are filled with tasty cheese, fleshy seafood, beef, olive oil, and onion. According to the locals, the secret of a tasty Empanada is preparing the staff the night before. This dish is popular throughout the year and Chileans take great pride in serving homemade Empanadas to their guests.


This Chilean dish is moreover the Chilean version of tamales. Sweet or spicy, Humitas are prepared with boiled flour and cornmeal. Corn husks are stuffed with onion, ground corn, ground paprika, and basil. They are then tied together with thread and then boiled or steamed in hot water.

Pastel de Choclo:

Pastel de Choclo is an outstanding version of the mixed style of South American cooking. Inspired from the Spanish style Empanada and Andean Humitas, Pastel de Choclo is a perfect combination of sweet and delicious corn pudding staffed with sweet corn, ground beef, olives, onions, hard-boiled eggs, and raisins.

Chile is a beautiful and diverse place, with many wonderful places to explore. But, every country has its own rules and regulations, so there are a few things you should know before planning your Chile tour.

No Visa Is Required:

The US and EU citizens are not required to get a visa or pay a fee to enter Chile.  In fact, you’re allowed to stay in Chile for 90 days (3 months) at a time on a tourist visa. If you want to stay in Chile for longer you can extend this visa for another 3 months or just leave the country and come back.

Your Credit/Debit Cards Might Not Work:

It's important to research a bit before deciding which cash cards to take to Chile because all bank cards do not work in Chile. A little research will save hours spent running from bank to bank.

Chile Is An Expensive Country:

The common belief that South America is cheap to travel is not applicable to Chile. The food and transport in Chile tend to be expensive compared to Colombia, Ecuador, and Peru.

Your travel agent might have told you about the outstanding natural wonders of Chile but apart from that, you should remember a few more things for a safe journey to Chile.


If you head to Andean regions you should prepare yourself for altitude sickness To avoid this, drink plenty of water, take it slow and avoid the excess of alcohol.

The sun is very bright in Chile, particularly in the north. It might not feel strong at times, but the radiation is still high, so always use sunscreen or wear clothes that cover your body even if you normally don’t burn easily.


The security conditions in Chile is normally safe, and most visitors have left Chile without facing an incident. However, street crime and scams are common, particularly in Santiago, Valparaiso, Antofagasta, Calama, and Iquique. Always e careful about your surroundings s as you would do in any large city. Criminals tend to work in groups and use different tricks to mislead travelers.


Every country follows its own habits and to avoid unfair things you need to learn a bit about their customs. It makes them feel you respect their culture. Here is some important etiquette you should know before visiting Chile.

One Kiss, Not Two!

Chileans are very loving and this is expressed in the way they greet people! At home, people generally do not follow any particular rule at any kind of situation. In public, just make a handshake, give a kiss, hug, or do all three!


In Chile, giving a tip in restaurants is up to you and it is usually 10%. It is your choice whether you want to leave some extra money or not. If you pay with a bigger note and don’t specify this, most of the time the waiters believe that you want to leave a tip (propane).


Plan Your Chile Tour With brings a wide range of customized Chile tour to offer you a comprehensive hassle-free vacation.  The plans are customized keeping in mind your requirements and interests. Whatever might be your choice; an adventurous vacation, a luxury vacation, a family vacation or a romantic one, we are ready with the perfect plan for you. We value your safety as well as respect your privacy, and the travel agents plan your Chile tour accordingly, either a packaged group tour or an independent private tour. In all cases, we ensure a hassle-free experience with luxurious accommodations, expert local guides, and outstanding excursions. So whether you wish to explore the Chilean wildlife or immerse yourself in the natural charm, write to and we will bring you the perfect tour plan from the top travel experts.

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