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Here's What You Need to Know About Delta Airlines Baggage Fees

Here's What You Need to Know About Delta Airlines Baggage Fees

As the major legacy carrier of the US, Delta Air Lines caters to millions of people flying to literally every corner of the world. That said, this premiere commercial carrier introduced a pretty straightforward set of rules for managing operations, costs, and especially baggage fees. On every flight, passengers can take one free carry-on and a personal article (such as a purse, briefcase, or diaper bag). There is no specific weight-limit, but only a size-limit, on both the personal article and free carry-on, which is definitely a welcome news. Likewise, here are some pointers to avoid any last-minute baggage fees and significant overweight penalties, on your next flight onboard Delta airline. Take a look.

Handling Baggage Fees for Domestic Flights

Baggage fees structure for all domestic Delta flights is very linear. Therefore, if you are traveling anywhere within the 50 US states, in addition to the U.S. Virgin Islands, the Delta levies a baggage fee of $25 for the first checked bag. Subsequently, for the second checked bag, the fees becomes $35, with a weight limit of 50 Lbs per-bag.

Baggage Fees for International Flights

When it comes to international flight ventures, it is a completely different story. Likewise, if you are flying from the US or Canada to any destination in the Middle East, Europe, Southeast Asia, or Australia, Delta Air Lines would generally provide a complimentary first checked bag (and a second one too, is some cases). For example, if you are onboard a flight from New York to Tokyo, your first two checked bags will be free of charge. Of course, the baggage fees rules vary with every route, therefore, you will first need to check with Delta’s complete list of checked bag waivers. Furthermore, this fees structure only applies to Basic Economy, Delta Comfort+, and Main Cabin customers. In case, you are traveling First Class, Delta One, or Delta Premium Select, you are automatically entitled to two free checked bags (and even the weight limit is pushed up from 50 Lbs to 70 Lbs). Likewise, the SkyMiles Medallion members are also eligible for exemptions onboard Delta flights.

Excess Baggage and Overweight Fees

Delta Air Lines is one of the first carriers in its category to offer such reasonable domestic baggage fees and free international checked bags. However, things become a bit worrisome for the passengers, the moment they add additional luggage. You might be aware that a third checked bag is considered “excess baggage,” and would incur an excess fee of $150. Likewise, if your checked bag becomes slightly overweight (anything between 51 and 70 Lbs), it will cost an additional $100 to you. Similarly, if the checked bag weight becomes really heavy (between 71 and 100 Lbs), you will have to pay up overweight fees of $200. Furthermore, Delta Air Lines will also charge separate fees for each offense. Therefore, if you are hauling a third bag that is oversized, and happens to be overweight too, you might have to pay up to $450 as combined excess baggage and overweight fees.

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