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Plane Etiquette: How To Be A Good Passenger When Travelling On A Plane

Plane Etiquette: How To Be A Good Passenger When Travelling On A Plane

While traveling by air is still considered one of the safest method of getting from one destination to another, unruly passengers can easily ruin the entire experience. Knowing a few plane etiquette tips and how to be a good passenger while traveling anywhere in the world is a way to enjoy your flight with less risk of any potential disturbance.

Do Not Rush To Your Seat

Everyone has a seat with a designated row and number. Simply be patient and avoid pushing or shoving other passengers, as this is not good plane etiquette. Instead, stand patiently in line until reaching your row, where you will have the same opportunity to put overhead baggage away while taking your seat.

Pay Attention To Safety Instructions

Even if you consider yourself a frequent flyer it is always essential to pay attention to safety instructions, especially if you have opted for an exit row seat. Knowing how to handle an airplane emergency in a disaster is the quickest ways to diffuse panic while helping to save lives.

Ask When It Is Safe To Move

If you have to use the restroom but you are still required to keep your seatbelt on, be sure to ask the nearest flight attendance for guidance and the "go-ahead". If you have a baby that is crying, needs to be fed, or changed, be sure to do the same to ensure it is safe enough for you and your little one to make it to the restroom.

Only Remove Your Safety Belt When It Is Safe

Never remove your safety belt when the light is still on, as the pilot may be expecting turbulence or sharp turns. Even when the flight is feeling safe and smooth, staying in your seat and keeping your seat belt on is a way to avoid bumps or painful accidents due to unexpected turbulence.

Be Considerate Of Those Sitting Near You

Always be considerate of those sitting near you. Avoid taking up too much leg room or resting your seat back if it is unnecessary. Asking if you are taking up too much room is also common courtesy to help with making the flight as enjoyable for everyone on-board.

Avoid Disturbing Those Around You

It is one thing to have a conversation with someone you are flying with, but it is unnecessary to do so at a volume in which everyone has the capability of overhearing. Additionally, avoid dragging another flyer into the conversation unless they will put forth their input, as they are likely busy or enjoy keeping to themselves. Avoid playing music, video or other media too loud as this is distracting and can quickly become annoying to those around you, especially passengers with children and babies on-board.

Wrapping Up

Understanding proper plane etiquette helps the entire flight to go over smooth for everyone, not just an individual who is uncomfortable. Knowing the right procedures to take if you are feeling ill or upset is a way to avoid detours and unnecessary disturbances within the passenger cabin.

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