4 Apps That May Change The Way You Stay

Everyone knows about the smartphone apps that can be used to book a hotel room on short notice. Ah, but did you know about the app that lets you book a luxury hotel room that charges by the minute or allow you to locate a homestay in over 150 countries? Check out these four apps that were made to provide services for a number of enjoyable and exceptional experiences.


Are you considering traveling to a foreign land and staying with a local host but you have no clue what to do? Download connects international travelers to a number of different homestay spots in over 150 countries. Simply scroll through the various featured homes with positive reviews to give you some ideas. If you already have a specific destination in mind, search for your choice and enter the number of days you wish to stay there. All available homestay opportunities will automatically appear on screen complete with all the specifics of each home including amenities, facilities and meals, the locale and the host. Your host will put a roof over your head for a good price. He/she will also serve as your personal guide in locating all the cool places to go and help you get a much more authentic taste of the country. So check it out before you check in.

2. Recharge

The Recharge app is not used to find pay-per-hour motels for hokey pokey hijinx. It is, rather, used for locating luxury hotel rooms that are available for various “flexible” periods of time. The app was specifically designed for traveling business people who need to “recharge”. Maybe they need a place to prep for a big meeting or presentation. Perhaps they just need a nap and shower after a rough red-eye flight. Recharge finds places where they can pay by the minute for as long as they choose. The user simply logs on, indicates a specific locale on the map where he/she would care to stay. The app will find area hotels that will charge by the minute. (Being a relatively new app, It is currently available only in San Francisco, California and New York City, New York.)

3. Overnight

If you ever find yourself wanting or needing to unexpectedly stay overnight then this app is for you. Overnight will locate a place for you to spend the night at the last minute but will also offer assorted options based on your “ideal” geographical location. You just log in, study the pop-up map and mark your specific location for your specific reason be it a hip neighborhood or proximity to a fave eatery. Next, choose your room preference: “private”, “shared”, or “entire place”. Then select how far you away from your current location you are willing to spend the night. The choices are based on a one, three or 10-mile radius. Each locale that meets your requirements is contacted. If there is an available room, you are notified of the match.

4. Porter & Sail

If you need expert advice on details when you stay at a hotel, you speak to the concierge. The concierge will advise you on what to do and where to go in the local area. This, of course, is very helpful if you are visiting a new place. Porter & Sail is a digital concierge app. Travelers can use it to access experts at specific locations prior to checking in. The app service has information on a number of hotels from a converted retro motel in L.A., California to a previous town hall in London, England. Once you have booked a room at one of their stored locations, you log on and can immediately gain access to a number of guides actually written by the experts themselves. Just scroll down the page to get the real lowdown on not only your hotel but also local attractions, timely events, and restaurants. You can even contact a concierge directly using the app’s built-in DMing system.

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