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Assorted Odd Travel Tips 2

If you’re going on vacation you have no doubt heard all the basic travel tips from family and friends.  That, of course, is common information.  We try not to focus on “common” here at We do the unusual here.  We do hip, interesting and trendy here.  With that in mind, here--compiled from different online sources including FareCompare, Money, Anthony the Travel Tart and 52 Perfect Days and --is the second list of assorted, odd travel tips:

Tip 1

If you still haven't managed to take your summer vacation, are you in luck.  The website reports that  August 23 is the “magic date” to fly if you want to cash in on the “fall savings.”

Tip 2

Next time you visit Mexico, go to Mexico City.  There you can worship Santa Muerte also known as Saint Death.  You might get to meet some interesting, controversial Mexican celebrities as the religion is now a favorite with those involved in the Mexican underworld.

Tip 3

Pick a country you know nothing about and without doing any research, vacation there.  Do not use a guidebook once you get there either.

Tip 4

If you’re curious, the best place to purchase horse sausage is Kazakhstan. (Kazakhstan, of course, is a Central Asian country.  It is also a former Soviet republic.)

Tip 5

Speaking of food, in Africa, you can enjoy a number of different game meats.  Just plan to have dinner at the world-famous Carnivore’s Restaurant in Nairobi, the capital of Kenya.  They offer such selections as impala and kudu.

Tip 6

While in Africa ride an African minibus taxi.  Feeling even more adventurous?  Go to Cairo, Egypt and take a taxi there.  Feel incredibly proud if you manage to make it to your destination unscathed.

Tip 7

Speaking of transportation, here is another related tip.  Go to India and try to get a driver’s license there. without getting into an accident.  (You think the DMV examiners are bad in where you live--ha!)

Tip 8

Purchase “natural viagra” when you visit Turkey.  Stallholders in the marketplace sell pistachios and apricots as reported “libido enhancers”.  They sell Kodak film too if you’re still bucking the digital revolution or are just one of those artsy types.

Tip 9

Speaking of Turkey, if you’ve no place to rest your head, fret not.  You can obtain accommodations in Kadir’s Treehouses in Olympos, Turkey.  You actually get to sleep with a tree trunk in your bed.

Tip 10

Rent and ride a bicycle down the famous “World’s Most Dangerous Road” which runs from La Paz to Coroico in Bolivia.  Sure, Anthony confirms, if you fail you plummet down a 600-meter cliff.  But, hey, if you succeed, you get an official “I cycled the most Dangerous Road” T-Shirt.

Tip 11

Vacationing in San Francisco, California?  Go north and take a walk on the famous Golden Gate Bridge.  You might witness a suicide and learn firsthand just why this landmark is said to be “the most popular suicide spot” in the city.

Last but certainly not least, are you a big Star Wars fan?  Do ya think it would be really cool to look like the Emperor from Star Wars? Then go to Morocco and buy a locally made gown called the Djellaba.  They are available in any color you want as long as it’s some shade of navy blue.  (Lightsabers are sold separately.)

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