Experiencing the Global Business Travel Convention 2016

One of the highlights of the world of Business Travel is the GBTA Travel Convention, an annual congregation of eminent personalities across different states. Attendees include travel professionals, airlines, hotel chains, tech companies, buyers, and more.  The GBTA convention 2016 took place in Denver, CO and it was inspiring in many different ways. The 2016 Opening Reception, “Under the Stars and on the Field”, took place at the Mile High Stadium.

The event

Attendees had the opportunity to listen to educational panels and inspirational speeches ranging from pilots to business professionals. Peer-to-Peer sessions featured round-table discussions about current travel trends, improvements and success stories. The atmosphere was commendable - all about helping each other and that together we can grow and climb to new heights. The expo floor was a great mix of some airlines presenting their aircraft seats. The new 2017 Lincoln-Continental sedan debuted at the Dav El? Boston Coach’s booth. They are among the first chauffeured car companies to add the new Lincoln Continental.    

Notable Speakers

Oscar Munoz, President of United Airlines

Collectively we listened to the President of United Airlines, Oscar Munoz, who after having a heart transplant, returned to work stronger and more committed than before. According to him, the airline industry is a major concern for business travelers. Therefore, there is an urgent need to improve the air travel experience. As President of the United Airlines, he emphasized the importance of running a business from the heart. Along with him, Peter Neffenger, the TSA administrator, also discussed how we can all collaborate to keep travel safe and hassle-free.

Julia Louis-Dreyfus (Hollywood Actress) and Peyton Manning (Former Quarterback, Indianapolis Colts)

Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Peyton Manning inspired us with their personal invaluable advice on battles and triumphs. Their conscious reaction to each situation resulted in the successful people they are today.

Captain Scott Kelly, NASA

NASA astronaut Captain Scott Kelly, back from his historic record-breaking Year in Space, shared with us how he survived on so little for so long, and the insights that this experience brought about.  

Wrapping Up

Our takeaway from this convention is that personal relationships are key to effective business growth and client retention and acquisition. In this century, we spend most of our hours communicating via technology. Although it’s a great way to interconnect our world and expand globally, the old school, in-person meeting is important. Wishing you all great success in your endeavors!

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