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Best Places To Go Celeb Spotting in San Fran

Best Places To Go Celeb Spotting in San Fran

Celebrity-spotting is great fun, especially when the city is as vibrant and fun as San Francisco! The Celebrity-spotting mania here is forever high. Breezy and beautiful, the city attracts the likes of many Hollywood A-listers for a hearty meal or two at a popular eatery, or are just plain wanderers. Let's explore the top ten places you sure are to spot a celebrity:

1.Scala Bistro

Its central location calls for many stars like Halle Berry, Tommy Lee, and Steve Martin. The super cool celeb chef, Jen Biesty ensures everyone from Hollywood who's visiting Union Square lands up at Scala Bistro. And what’s everyone’s favorite here? Yes, it’s the delightful Crab Toast!

2. Foreign Cinema

Known for a befitting weekend brunch, the place is legendary and attracts legends too! Their pop tarts filled with Anjou pear are a hit among the stars. They flock to this peppy spot to keep them gastronomically entertained.  Among the A-listers spotted here are Neil Patrick Harris, Demi Moore and everyone’s favorite, Green Day.

3. The Slanted Door

Some places just attract celebs like a magnet! The tried and tested sort of place for celeb spotting, Mick Jagger, Tarantino and Keith Richards have stakes here. Vietnamese Street Cuisine cooked and served to perfection here, and the choicest of beverages attract the likes of Jon Hamm, Luke Wilson, and Gwyneth Paltrow.

4. St.Regis

A top-notch ultra-luxury hotel, St.Regis offers great high-end service. Custom made for the rich and fabulous, Joaquin Phoenix, Sting and Tom Hanks have often been spotted here. In addition, Warren Beatty, as well as Brooke Shields, as part of Make-A-Wish Foundation, have been seen here on different occasions.

5. Fairmont Hotel

Old and grand, the Fairmont Hotel has hosted a long list of US Presidents, International diplomats and of course, some very popular celebs. The Hotel’s so proud of whom’s come visiting, that they even host it on their website! Bill Clinton, James Brown, Ernest Hemingway and the very hot Uma Thurman are just some of the names which have frequented the place.

6. Ana Mandara

Owned by celeb himself, Don Johnson of the Miami Vice fame and Cheech Marin, the tiki lamps, grand interiors and fabulous bar that stocks up pretty much everything you can ask for has made it a hit with Hollywood celebs.  Known for it’s tempting Vietnamese cuisine in traditional flavor, the Turbinado Prawns are an absolute delight!  

7. 1015 Folsom

Where do the stars go to shake a leg in the city? Well, it’s 1015 Folsom,  with three huge dance floors that get everyone, even Hollywood celebs in the groove! Plenty internationally known DJs come here to rock the place. One of the hippest places in town, it no one shies away from it!

8. Epic Roasthouse

Who wouldn’t die to be in ambiance as great as this! Located under the Bay Bridge, a diverse and exotic menu gets the A-listers going crazy here! Their Quiver Bar adds a luxurious charm to the place. Some of those who have visited here are Barry Zito, Lance Bass, and Dr. Dre.  

9. The Roxie

The Nation’s oldest theater is a hotspot for celebs. Historic and culturally rich, Roxie provides the ultimate movie-going experience. Two-and-a-half-Men star, Ashton Kutcher was spotted at Roxie around the release of his movie, Jobs. The Roxie is known to host the biggest names in the entertainment industry.

10.  The Westin St. Francis

This Union Square hotel is a treat for those star-crazy fans. The hotel has had the privilege of hosting President Obama and countless other presidents. A landmark since 1904, it’s in close proximity from a Financial District and Chinatown. Is it easy to spot an A-lister here? Hell yeah, almost every day!

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