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Worlds First Adults Only Theme Park Called Erotikaland to Come up in Brazil

Worlds First Adults Only Theme Park Called Erotikaland to Come up in Brazil

Move over, Walt Disney World and other happy places on earth. In what could be a spiced up and erotic version of Disneyland, SoftLove (a Brazil-based hospitality and leisure firm) has plans to launch the world’s first adults-only theme park called Erotikaland. If all goes according to the ambitious plan, Erotikaland will open its doors to the public in 2018 at Piracicaba in Sao Paulo.

Proposed Attractions

In addition to an erotic sculpture park and genitalia figured rides, the park will also house a snack bar serving, you guessed it right, aphrodisiacs.  The piece de resistance at Erotikaland is believed to be a “7D” cinema replete with vibrating seats. There’s also a nudist pool and “train of pleasure” (with gogo lads and gals no less) in the offing.  Other attractions include a sex shop and an erotic museum.

Ticket Pricing

Apart from allowing you to soak in all things erotic at a $100 per person entry fee, Erotikaland also aims to educate people about sex and the evolution of sexuality. While this may seem like a one-stop sex shop, any real nookie is disallowed anywhere inside the park premises. If things get to another level, patrons can check into a motel nearby that is also run by SoftLove.

Public Concerns

While some are completely gung-ho about the concept of a big daddy (or momma) of Disneyland, others are concerned about its repercussions. Piracicaba City council member Matheus Erler has voiced his concern about not wanting to be tagged as the sex capital and attracting debauched individuals, to the New York Times. Mauro Morata, the businessman behind Erotikaland, defends the project by saying it will gainfully employ about 250 people and educate the masses about sexuality.

Wrapping Up

While there’s always been frowning opposition to sex-themed attractions, plenty of them has cropped up all around the world in recent years, including New York’s Museum of Sex and a sex-themed restaurant in Japan. Talk about creating the world’s happiest places!

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