Top Three Smartphone Apps For Travelers

Top Three Smartphone Apps For Travelers

Bringing your smartphone with you while traveling? You should. Whatever type of device you're carrying, having your smartphone on you while you're out and about is essential as it can effectively replace heaps of language books, dictionaries, and maps. Before leaving for your trip, ensure that your phone is equipped with the necessary apps to aid and complement your trip. It would also be beneficial to make app data available offline so you'll always have the info that you need even when there isn't a good Internet connection in range. Need ideas on what are the best travel apps to download? Below are a few great ones:

Google Translate

Leave it to Google to create one of the best translator apps in the market. Google Translate works with 57 languages and allows you to type or speak the text that you wish to translate. The app then shows you the translated text and also gives you the option to hear it out loud to give you an idea on how to pronounce the words.


Need to compare flight prices and schedules? Kayak gives you all that at a glance. This nifty application lets you get pertinent travel data, including hotel information, flights, and price alerts. It even has a flight tracker that allows you to see if your flight will be arriving on time. What's more, Kayak integrates with TripAdvisor, so you can read reviews about the hotels that you're planning to book, thus letting you make more informed decisions.

Currency Banknotes

Known as one of the unique currency converter apps out there, Currency Banknotes doesn't just let you see currency exchange information, it also shows you actual images of the bills that you're trying to convert. This handy feature can keep you from getting duped abroad and help you spot fake bills. Not to mention, the image gallery is certainly an interesting feature that gives you a glimpse of other nations' culture through their banknotes. (Also on Google Play)

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