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5 Types of Scuba Dives that You Need to Try

5 Types of Scuba Dives that You Need to Try

Our love to the unknown is too much, which makes us go to any extent to discover things and see things hidden from our plain sight of view. The fish life, coral reefs, and the underwater ecosystem is one of those things that are hidden from us. Though we now have many big aquariums around the world which has glass on one side for lovers of underwater world watcher, the idea of one diving themselves is thrilling and full of adrenalin. Even a person who has not done scuba diving before can experience and go for it after very simple and short training. Divers use underwater cameras to capture these magnificent moments to save them on photos on canvas to be always there for times to come. There are few kinds of scuba diving. Every type needs a different level of experience to handle that particular scuba diving.

Recreational Scuba Diving

This is a very basic level scuba diving. The diver is not allowed to go below 120 feet. Also in case of fast currents or night time, recreational scuba diving is avoided. These are conducted usually under the supervision of an experienced trainer and with groups.


Spearfishing is an advanced level scuba diving. It is shooting and hunting of fish with a spear. The game is very interesting and losing the idea of time and place is very easy while having fast currents. That is why it is offered to advanced scuba divers and not beginners.

Spring or Cave Diving

Cave diving is a very dangerous form of scuba diving. Though very thrilling, it requires a lot of labor, equipment and thousands of dollars of training for one to go for this expensive hobby. Many years of training is done to get the certification for a cave diver.

Reef Diving

This again is a kind of recreational scuba diving for the places that have reefs like Australia and Malaysia. This kind of diving is also advised in the supervision of an instructor who has knowledge of the fragile ecosystem of the coral reef and can manage the safety of the beginner diver.

Night Diving

Night diving has its own excitement. For a beginner, it opens new exciting doors for the thrill of scuba diving. As a beginner, this is imperative that the first-night dive should take place after training session from a certified and experienced diver and in his or her presence during the first dive.

Mixed Gas or Technical Diving

This kind of dive is not for beginners. It requires a lot of training for one to do technical diving. This kind of diving is basically for going deeper than 130 feet. This requires for the diver to know the compounding and missing of different gases used for this purpose. Having said that, once a scuba diver achieves this level, there are totally new kinds of adventurous dives waiting for them.

Wrapping Up

“We are tied to the ocean. And when we go back to the sea, whether it is to sail or to watch - we are going back from whence we came”. A very beautiful quote by the most famous US President of all times not because of the way he was assassinated but because of his intellectuality and love of art and his thought on international politics Mr. John F. Kennedy (Late). Many religious books claim the idea of humans being formed by a mixture of water and soil. The theory of evolution also claims the first living thing to be from water that slowly progressed towards land. Scuba diving lets us venture into the depths of the blue world and witness the secrets of evolution unravel themselves before our eyes.

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