The Westin Mission Hills Golf Resort and Spa Has Lobby Pets You Can Adopt

Not everyone is an animal person. The dog is unquestionably a friend and partner to humanity. Though thousands of years of selective breeding, cohabitation and the evolution of the game, “Fetch,” the dog has secured its place as a friend to the human race. Try telling that to certain people and business establishments. The dog, emotionally speaking, is finely attuned to sense the emotions of their owners and the people around them. Every dog has its own personality, that is true, but attack dogs and dogs trained to hurt do so because a human trained them to do so.  So many places and business establishments won’t even allow pets on the premises. The world would be a much better place if more people embraced animal owning and got a pet like a dog. Finally, the hotel industry is embracing such an idea while helping at-risk animals find potential homes with hotel guests.

The Ranch Mirage

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The Ranch Mirage, California-based Westin Mission Hills Golf Resort, and Spa, in close collaboration with Animals Samaritans which is a no-kill animal shelter in Palms Spring Valley, recently instituted the Dogs Samaritans Adoption Project. An at-risk dog chosen by Animal Samaritans is chosen by Westin Mission Hills to become the official temporary mascot of the hotel. The dog will live in the hotel lobby and be cared for by the staff until a guest at the hotel adopts the pet. After the dog is adopted, the process starts all over again and then repeated again.

How are the Dogs Treated Here?

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The dog is introduced to guests, taken for walks and is well looked after by hotel staff. Currently, over 50 dogs have been placed with new owners by using this method. The hotel even holds a regular, “Yappy Hour,” celebration time for owners and the public to drink and socialize. People can every take pics with their pets in a photo booth during Yappy Hour. If you are an animal lover and want to add to your family, or if you are not into animals and would like to learn how to become an animal person, then a stay at Westin Mission Hills may just want you to need.



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