The Watergate Hotel Reopens in the Digital Age With Retro-Cool


Who doesn’t want to be remembered? To secure their place in history? The Watergate development complex was broken into by burglars on June 1972. The burglars worked under the auspices of the Nixon Administration and the attempted cover-up led to Nixon’s resignation. Because of the scandal the word, “gate,” would later enter the American lexicon to be used in reference to any outrageous political scandals and incidents in the news. The Watergate is constantly referenced to as if it is a living entity when it is only a building that has permanently cemented its place in politics, journalism, and history. Now you have a chance to stay at the Watergate hotel in luxe-caliber leisure while others can only refer to it from past history lessons. After almost a decade of being shuttered, the Watergate hotel was upgraded with over $125 million in renovations and re-opened with a swanky, celebrity-filled celebration.

The Watergate Complex and The History Associated with It

The Watergate complex and its implication in the political scandal of the 20th century are indelible chapters in American history. Although for a while, the Watergate itself was actually forgotten. The Watergate Complex, which is actually a building complex of 5 buildings including the hotel, was actually shuttered in 2007 during the twilight of the Bush administration. The Watergate Hotel has only reopened again to the public in 2016. Originally opened in March 1967, the Watergate Hotel was designed by architectural designer Luigi Moretti to resemble a sail on the bank of the Potomac River. The retro-cool aesthetical appearance of the hotel was forward thinking in the 1960’s and apt appropriate for the political junkie scene of the 21st century. The hotel has 336 rooms, 32 suites, and 2 luxe-caliber presidential suites. It has also been made to be completely tech-enabling and compatible for the digital age, as it was shuttered for almost a decade before reopening.

The Watergate Complex Features

Rooms feature 24-hour room service and Zebrano marble bathrooms with vanities made out of granite. The hotel air is continually freshened with automatic spritzes of Red Flower Oakwood scent, which is the custom aromatic scent of the hotel. There is a 50-feet saltwater indoor pool, a luxury spa and soon to open Rooftop Lounge which will offer 360-degree panoramic views of the city while you sip a cocktail and dine on Asian-themed street food. The Watergate Hotel’s official restaurant is the Kingbird, which features luxury gourmet American-Franco inspired cuisine and a globally sourced wine list. The Next Whisky Bar is located in the lobby of the Watergate Hotel and features the finest in bourbon, whiskey, spirits, alcohol, and cigars. You will find the trendiest in boutique micro-distillers all the way to well-known corporate brands there.

The Watergate Complex Vibe

To maintain a stylistic vibe reminiscent of the 1960’s, the Watergate staff uniforms were all designed by Janie Bryant, who won an Emmy award designing the costumes for the cult-favorite show Mad Men. If that weren’t enough for you, the Watergate Hotel also maintains a playfully tongue-in-cheek atmosphere for its guests by always slyly reminding them of the infamous 1972 burglary. The pens in your rooms will have the phrase, “Stolen from the Watergate Hotel,” printed on them while your room key card will say, “No Need to Break In.” The Watergate Hotel is located adjacent to the JFK Center for the Performing Arts on the bank of the Potomac River. Average rates start at about $287 a night for the more high-end rooms so you should definitely call ahead for reservations. Everyone just talks about history. You should take a leisure break at the Watergate Hotel and secure your own place in history.




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