The Katamama Hotel in Bali is a Tropical Indo-Artisan Hotel

Imagine it for a moment. You are on vacation in Bali, Indonesia. This is a leisure opportunity apart from others. You are privileged to unique and picturesque views of tropical paradise. The VIP class level lodging you are staying in was built with Balinese sourced materials and bricks. All of the building materials used in the construction of your 2-story tall hotel suite was built with tiles, teak wood and terrazzo that was all manufactured and sourced locally from Indonesia. Your private hotel room, in addition to the breathtaking ocean views, has a rooftop garden, balcony, spa, personal bath with rain shower, indoor pool and well-stocked mini-bar. The exterior and interiors were all designed by Indonesia-local designers and companies. The exterior and interior design motifs and artwork were all Indonesian artisan made and inspired. Imagine no more. There is always time for the best in franchise lodging. You can go anywhere in the world and stay in a franchise hotel.

The Katamama Hotel – A Boutique Hotel

The Katamama hotel is the kind of boutique hotel appropriate to stay in when you demand elite class leisure in a remote, tropical corner of the world. The Katamama hotel is the first of three boutique luxury hotels to be opened by Jakarta-based company PTT Family. PTT Family is well known in Southeast Asia for its franchises of restaurants and bars in Singapore and Indonesia. The awe-inspiring interiors of the Katamama are designed by Indonesian architect Andra Matin in close collaboration with Singapore-based company Takenouchi Webb. All of the furniture, artwork, and knick-knacks used in a Katamama hotel room are personally selected by the owners and designers of the hotel. Some of the paintings, statuettes or artwork in your hotel room at Katamama may have come from the personal collections of the owners and/or designers.

The Katamama Hotel Connections with Local Artisans

PTT Family and the management of Katamama maintain mutually beneficial business relationships with local Indonesia-based artists, artisans, cooks, designers and more to offer daily-held cultural programs. Every day of your stay at Katamama will expose you to Indonesia-centric art, music, storytelling performances, culinary and gourmet meal exhibitions and so much more. The Katamama hotel is located on Petitenget Beach in the Seminyak area of Bali. The hotel boasts 58 bespoke-designed suites. The Katamama is located next to the locally renowned Potato Head Beach Club which is also operated under the auspices of the PTT Family company. 

The Franchise Hotel

It is never good to pick a franchise hotel for its own sake or to stay at a boutique hotel because it is a boutique hotel. The Katamama hotel is a boutique hotel that asserts its own brand of Indonesian hospitality, art, and cuisine. It is an experience designed to never be forgotten. In case you are wondering, “Katamama,” is a made-up Indonesia word that roughly translates to, “mama says.’



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