Norway Building a Floating Luxury Hotel Shaped Like a Snowflake

Have you ever thought about watching the celestial magnificence of an aurora borealis light show from the confines of your own lavishly furnished, post-modernist décor inspired hotel room with the crystal-clear, transparent ceiling? You know the one! At the floating, snowflake-shaped hotel situated in a Tromso, Norway-proximate fjord about 200 miles above the Arctic Circle?No? Oh. Well, I guess I should back up a bit. The aurora borealis is the visible dissipation of a solar flare that has passed through space and through Earth’s electromagnetic field. (stay with me here.) A solar flare is energized gas and particles that have erupted from the surface of the sun. They can be very destructive. A solar flare knocked out the power grid in Montreal, Quebec in 1989. It caused a major blackout in the region thereafter for half a day.

The beauty of Aurora Borealis

No, solar flares are not boons to humanity. Yet the beauty of an aurora borealis is an undeniable benefit. Think of the aurora borealis as the final death dance of a solar flare caught in the electromagnetic poles of Earth. All of us are not equipped to live in or near the Arctic, which is the only place to see the famed Northern Lights. Wouldn’t you like to see such a thing in style? In comfort? In relative warmth, even though it’s the Arctic? (Yes, you can be relatively warm in the Arctic.) Well, Dutch Docklands is a global architectural company that is looking to open a 5-star caliber floating luxury hotel shaped like a snowflake in a Norway fjord sometime in late 2016.

The hotel, which is to be named the Krystall Hotel, will be located in a fjord near the city of Tromso, Norway, which is the northernmost-inhabited city on Earth. If you were to go any further north than Tromso, Norway, which is already 217 miles above the Arctic Circle, give or take a mile, then you would encounter polar bears, ice and perhaps an unprovable X-File-worthy mystery, but not much else.

Floating, snowflake shaped Hotel at Tromso

Tromso was also chosen as the build-site for the floating, snowflake-shaped hotel because of the potential, spectacular sky-views of the aurora borealis. Tromso, also known as the “Gateway to the Arctic,” is the northernmost city on planet Earth; the views of the aurora borealis here, especially from November to January, will be unlike those seen in Alaska, Canada and anywhere else the Northern Lights are visible. The stratagem behind the idea to build a floating hotel of luxury was to take the most advantage possible out of the celestially fortunate chance for humans to view the Northern Lights at its most spectacular and aesthetically concentrated. Although the hotel is situated hundreds of miles above the Arctic Circle, it will still feel relatively warm, environment-wise, for visitors. The Krystall Hotel and Tromso are located in an area of the Arctic Circle that is continually replenished by warm Gulf Stream air and currents. (Which was also another strategic reason for why this particular spot was chosen.) The exterior structure of the hotel will be shaped like a snowflake. The interiors will feature amenities like a functioning, see-through fireplace made of crystal-clear, transparent bricks. It will have 86 rooms, a spa, and wellness center and will be mostly a green, self-supporting and sustaining environment. The floating hotel will be about 400 feet in diameter. The Krystall Hotel creators want to leave as minimal a carbon footprint as possible in deference to the environment, hence its floating nature.

The Features of Krystall Hotel

Most importantly, the Krystall Hotel will feature see-through, transparent ceilings in rooms to provide optimal viewing of the Northern Lights. You may have seen the Aurora Borealis before, but you have never seen it as it will be seen from the Krystall Hotel from its strategic positioning in the Tromso-proximate fjord chosen for its location. Remember, solar flares have brought modern metropolises to a standstill. They are a force barely contained by the vastness of space. You now have a chance to see an aurora borealis in its most unaltered and pure form, from the northernmost vantage point on Earth, while luxuriating in 5-star comfort. You would have to go to outer space to see Northern Lights on a scale better than what will be visible from the Krystall Hotel at Tromso. Yes, it will cost serious coin to snag a room here. However, this is the type of one-of-kind vacation that offers life-long bragging rights. Imagine vacationing hundreds of miles above the Arctic Circle in a snowflake shaped hotel! The Grand Canyon isn’t going anywhere. Save up to go there next time. The Krystall Hotel is slated to open sometime in 2016. Room rates have yet to announced. Who knows? The aurora borealis might notice you, chilling in a floating, snowflake shaped hotel.




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