Upper Echelon Leisure - Four Seasons Island Hotel in The Maldives for One-Client-at-a-Time

Unless you are a James Bond villain, a Russian billionaire or Jay-Z, then you might have a hard time booking a reservation on this very secluded, tropical hideaway in the Northern Indian Ocean.

The Four Seasons hospitality empire will open a private, one-reservation-at-a-time, tropical island hotel on the isle of Voavah in the Baa Atoll. Voavah is a very small island and a member of the Maldives’ island chain.

One to one Luxury at this Luxurious Hotel

This private island luxury hotel and resort is designed for single client bookings at a time only.

You could invite, at your own expense, of course, a maximum of 22 guests to join you on the island. Or you can inhabit the island all by yourself. The Four Seasons maintains private island resorts on 3 other islands that neighbor Voavah. Beyond that, the countries nearest to Voavah include Sri Lanka and India which are about 640 miles to the Northeast. Voavah Island and the Baa Atoll are a part of the UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve. Virtually untouched by modernity, the atolls in this area have been deemed landmarks worthy of intense conservation efforts.

Personal Space at Four Seasons Maldives Hotel

The Four Seasons Maldives Hotel at Voavah offers you over 5 acres of private personal space. There are seven bedrooms in total in various villas, beach houses, and apartment suites. There are additional bedrooms and housing for children, servant staff, and security personnel.

There is an on-site reservation manager who lives on the island for the sole purpose of meeting your recreation needs for the duration of your stay. The on-site manager coordinates the island’s on-site chef, cleaning and island operations staff. All meals will be prepared or cooked by a gourmet-caliber cooking staff. There is a world-class spa and dive center where you can swim with white sharks and manta rays. Or you can just chill and relax on impossibly white sand beaches that are bereft of pollution or litter. Reservation privileges of the private island include the personal use of a 62-foot luxury yacht called the “Voavah Summer,” for the duration of your stay.

Voavah sports a 24-hour on-call personal doctor. There is a medical clinic on the nearby Four Seasons luxury island resort of Landaa Giraavaru, which is only 20 minutes from Voavah via speedboat.

Luxury to Organize Private Parties As well

You can organize private parties and even fly in your own personal entertainment, like a music band, creative performers or a DJ, as long as it is all paid under your own expense. The Maldives international airport, Male International Airport, is only 40 minutes away from Voavah via seaplane. The island even has its own time zone. It should go without saying, even if in this particular case it’s plainly obvious to all that it should be said expressly and purposely, that a reservation at the Four Seasons Maldives Voavah will cost you some serious coin. If you know that old saying, “If you have to ask the price, then you can’t afford it,” then know that the same rule seriously applies here.

Interested parties will have to contact the Four Seasons directly or visit the Four Seasons Maldives Voavah website to inquire about rates and reservations. No prices are currently posted. Any and all rates are custom-calculated for each and every potential client. The Four Seasons Private Island Hotel at Voavah, Baa Atoll in the Maldives will officially open for business sometime in late Summer 2016.



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