Travel the Island of Crete on Horseback

Travel the Island of Crete on Horseback

Greece is rooted deeply in an ancient history. One of the oldest civilizations, Greece has much to explore. A great way to get to know Greece is to take a horseback riding tour of one of its islands. Crete is the largest and most populous of the Greek islands. The climate is temperate and the island has an interesting topography, filled with mountains and valleys, gorges, rivers, and lakes.


Equitours is a company that offers equestrian minded people a way to vacation around the world that is fun and active. One of the company’s best tours is called the Crete Star Trail. On this trip, riders will explore the island on daily horseback trips while based in a quaint hotel. The hotel is owned by a friendly couple and has excellent and knowledgeable staff. The facilities are small but kept clean and well maintained. The pool is a great place to relax during your downtime. The setting is exquisite. Best of all is the food, prepared by one of the co-owners and served to guests family style. You don’t get to order, but you will be pleased with your meal. Breakfast and dinner are included in the package. Lunch is extra, but you are usually out on a trail at that time of day. Everyone who stays there loves horses, so you already have something to talk about during meals.

Horse-ride Information

The stable facilities are excellent. The horses are very well behaved and sure-footed on some of the more difficult paths. The staff takes the time to match the horses with their riders based on experience level and temperament. The riding is great for novice riders as well as more experienced horse people. The riding is not particularly challenging but is a lot of fun. Each day you explore a different part of the island. Riding typically takes up 4 hours a day with some time to get to know the places you stop out outside of the saddle. You will see the ruins of the ancient city of Lyttos. Ride up the hills of Sfendili, over the plateau of Mochos, through the Kerm Oak Forest, around the gorge of Gonies and along the Aposelemes River. See the Byzantine church of Avdou, the church of St. Fotini, hidden in a deep cave, and the Psiloritis Mountains, the highest peak of the island. Have lunch under olive trees.

Other Activities

At night you will have some downtime to relax by the pool. Bring your tablet so you have something to read. The trip lasts a week. Afterwards, you can take a car to the nearby capital, Heraklion.See the ruins of Knossos.

Wrapping Up

Crete is the perfect location for horse lovers to travel. Equitours has set up a great system, picking excellent host facilities with helpful and knowledgeable staff in top quality settings.

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